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Do Small Businesses Need Cloud Call Center Software?

Author: Voip Company
by Voip Company
Posted: Jul 05, 2018

Many small business owners aspire to make their enterprises bigger. Ensuring a stable company growth is not easy, and businesses face many challenges along their way to expansion. Fortunately, it is possible to simplify this process. All you need in the right strategy and effective tools.

However, not all companies want to expand. Many companies have other priorities, such as improving the quality of their products or upgrading their customer service.

In any case, customer satisfaction is a critical factor that has the power to either boost or hamper the achievement of business goals. In the long run, the company that puts their customers first has more chances to succeed.

Connecting with your Customers

No matter what kind of enterprise you run, at some point, you’ll need to find an effective way to stay in touch with the clients. Cloud-based call center software can become your go-to solution. This is a perfect intermediary between you and your customers as it ensures inbound and outbound calls, as well as provides useful company and customer insights.

Thus, the answer to the question whether small businesses need cloud call center software is definitely YES. This technology will help your enterprise gain a competitive edge and stay relevant on the market. It automates many basic operations, namely, releases agents from manual dialing routine and speeds up cold calling. It also provides transparent statistics on processed, missed and abandoned calls, etc. Below, we’ll discuss some benefits that you can get from this technology.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Software

On-premises call centers are getting less popular with every year. More and more organizations shift to the cloud-based solutions because their maintenance requires fewer resources and they are generally much easier to use.

The cloud technology that stands behind such software is a convenient means of processing and storing digitized data on the internet. Unlike on-premises call centers, cloud-based technology is 100% web-based and all the data is deposited on the secure remote servers.

Cloud-based software for call centers has many advantages compared to on-premise options.


This technology does not need any external data storage devices and servers. Neither does it require purchasing a bulky equipment. The software keeps all your data on the cloud, and you can access it virtually at any time and from any imaginable place provided that it has a solid internet connection.

Easy Setup

The cloud software is also very easy to install and maintain. You don’t need an IT department at all since everything is already covered by the vendor. Furthermore, the software is user-friendly. Just open your browser and log in to the system to start working.

Home-Based Agents

Being able to open the software and access the data from any place is a considerable advantage. It means that the employees of your company don’t have to be in the office to do their job. Cloud-based software allows you to hire and monitor home-based agents. This is a great option if you need extra help but do not want to invest in equipment or do not have an office space for more in-house employees.


Another considerable benefit for small enterprises is a relatively low cost. Since the cloud-based software does not need extra equipment, these expenses are reduced automatically. Also, the cost of applications is relatively small, especially in terms of value that they provide to your business. Cloud-based software typically incorporates many useful features other than receiving and making calls. For example, Voiptime cloud-based software incorporates an inbuilt CRM, so you can use a single solution for your call center and sales department.


Some solutions can integrate with other applications that the business uses for daily operations. Namely, Voiptime provides several service packages and different payment plans. Therefore, you might be able to choose your payment option based on the desired functions.


The cloud-based call center software requires very little resources of all kinds, so scaling becomes much easier. If you run a seasonal business that is characterized by a dynamic volume of calls, you'll appreciate an opportunity to customize your strategy based on the anticipated workload. Usually, the company can easily purchase extra licenses for the busiest seasons.

All in all, the cloud-based software has numerous advantages over the conventional on-premises call centers. Apart from inbound/outbound calls, such software usually provides a set of other useful features, e.g. call recordings, call history, script builder, live dashboard, etc. Your company will certainly become more efficient if you decide to make this technology a part of your business.

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