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You Can Enjoy Your Wires

Author: Dong Ha
by Dong Ha
Posted: Jul 06, 2018
our harness

What endures harsh weathers, constant aggression, an all-round day work and is still expected to work properly? It might take a long time to crack this riddle because they are not regularly viewed as important. It is the wiring system. Not considered until there is a power outage at home and in the car. Surprisingly, our cars are made up of over 4 km of wires with over 35 percent infrastructure dependent on these wires. The continuous use of these wires leads to defects and wire fault appearance. With cars highly reliant on wires, faults and dysfunctions cannot be permitted.

These dysfunctions can lead to poor information transfer and can imply serious consequences for the car and even its surrounding. Defects do not generally cause any make major accident but you can be sure that it can lead to permanent defects, such as open and short circuits. Technology has led to finding a means to solving this problem. The wiring harness system was developed. The wiring harness plays the role of the coordinating system of the nervous system in the body.

Not only do modern cars come with a need to solve wiring dysfunction, it also saves space. The wiring harness is an organized set of wires, terminals and connectors that run throughout the entire vehicle and relay information and electric power, thereby playing a critical role in "connecting" a variety of components. The STAG Harness has been developed to have an efficient design and contribute to the development of better wiring system in vehicles. With 9 types, your vehicle's need of an efficient harness is to satisfied.

Need for the reduction of weight of the wire harness in vehicle has been voiced out in recent years. Our STAG Harness was built with that purpose in mind: creating a harness reduced in weight, increased efficient and cost effective. Cars are operated by a large number of wires; you can expect that harness play important roles in enjoying the functions of an auto. So, take your time when buying a harness. Here are a few reasons STAG harness should be your choice when getting a harness.

Unlike the usual harnesses, our harness has a higher tensile strength and can stay well even when bent. Our harness has been made from the best form of technology present. This has made it possible to resist easy wear and tear caused from the vibration of most parts of the engine. Unlike having loose wires running errands for your car, our harness brings efficiency and neatness to your engine arrangement. Our harness has been known to stand the sands of times surviving against moisture and abrasion. What more do you ask of a harness?

With the global market clamoring for alternative energy to gasoline, the desire to make electric hybrid cars are at a high. Want to enjoy a harness that promises:

Protection to your wires from external factors including rodents,

Improved workability.

Regulating information route.

Excellent heat radiation.

Well, head straight to shopSTAG and grab one or two things and enjoy great installations in your car. Oh and do check out STAG tuning kit, you'd love it.

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Author: Dong Ha
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