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Bridesmaid Dress Shades to Consider

Author: Sandra Elliot
by Sandra Elliot
Posted: Jul 30, 2018
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Complementing the beauty of your own wedding dress on your special day should always be taken account of and one of the best strategies is having your bridesmaids’ dresses match with yours without overpowering you. Make each and every bridesmaid stand out with their unique identities and let them mark an impression on your wedding day.

There can be different strategies to mix and match the style of your bridesmaids’ dresses, such as matching the details with your own bridal dress or choosing a different one that does not step out of the wedding theme. Nevertheless, there is one important element that you should take note of, the same as looking at your wedding dress, is the color that you are going to incorporate with the bridesmaid dresses and here are some of the finest.


This color scheme has earned the most popularity recently, as the subtleness of pastel colors are being loved by a lot of people. It has taken over other things, from pens to highlighters and even cosmetics; why not complement It with the idea of wedding? Pastel colors are perfectly aesthetic and calm for the eye which makes it the crowd-favorite, and it is absolutely perfect with spring or any subtle-themed wedding.


This one is not more of a color, but a type of scheme that is both bizarre and pleasant when looking at the bigger picture. With ombre, you can help your bridesmaid in establishing a personality that features both fierce and calm ironically, as the pattern of the color creates a darker shade on the other end and slowly making it lighter on the far end. This color can particularly go well with an ethereal and semi-transparent sheer fabric that flows through the floor.


Embrace the freshness of mint colors that highly complements the white bridal dress, where this particular color is suitable to numerous

wedding themes

especially teaming it up with white and gold. It looks bizarre, right? But this distinct shade of mint is what actually makes it stand out except the cooling and refreshing vibe that it gives off in each blow of the wind.

Coral Red

Carpet weddings, beach weddings, name it and the coral shade can rock it! To make it more special, this color is also greatly appropriate to weddings during the summer and autumn mood and successfully sets up a pleasant ambiance. The flashiness mixed up with the unsaturated-free ambiance of this color differentiates it with the line of colors, and there are


that ultimately stun people with this one!


The palest shade among the pinks just gives off the right amount of feminine and baby-like vibe that flows with a younger looking glow. Blush is also one of the brides’ and bridesmaids’ favorites, as it is not too wild and too vibrant for the eyes. This color perfectly calms the storm and make everyone’s head turn with the fusion of simplicity and elegance.

Have you upgraded now your color palette and arrived to a certain color? These colors can make you fall in love and it is truly difficult to choose. With all that, you can still consider looking at your own preference or taste, what the wedding theme requires, or what the expert recommendations say. At the end of the day, this colors will make the impression and memory of one of the best experiences in your lifetime.

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