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Kill the smartphone Addiction with These Quick and Easy Tips

Author: Pramod Srivastava
by Pramod Srivastava
Posted: Jul 10, 2018

Smartphones —these little power packed devices offer various benefits like convenience, easy communication, and information at the fingertips. But, like everything else, this too has its shortcomings. So, are you falling prey to the dark side of this device? Is it doing more harm than good and you can’t seem to control the addiction?

Do you wish to take back charge of your life and lead a productive, more active life outside of your phone?

Then, read on. We have just the right thing for you.

Firstly, here is a list of easy Do’s and Don't s you can follow every day,

1. Do Not Charge The Phone at Bedside

This might look harmless and easy, but has severe effects on your mental health. This tempts you towards using the phone while you are in bed and the next thing you know, you’re scrolling through social media apps for hours on end.

2. Turn Off The Notifications

The world isn’t ending and it’s absolutely normal to not keep up with each and every notification you get; especially, at night time.

3. Keep The Phone Out of Reach

As the age-old adage goes, "Out of sight, out of mind", keeping your phone out of reach can help you big time. When you are at work, keep the phone inside the drawer or just drop it in your bag. Having it placed right next to you may increase the chances of you checking it over and over again.

4. "Do Not Disturb Mode"

Use this feature on your phone. Let the phone be in DND mode when you have priorities to attend to. If you find yourself being constantly paranoid about missing important/emergency calls, you can choose the option where you are notified when a person repeatedly calls you. Make sure you don’t use that paranoia as an excuse.

5. Stick to the Plan

No matter how well you plan your day or how much you think you’re going to avoid using the phone if you are not stubborn and persistent enough, things won’t change. Stick to the plan and be positive about the whole process rather than dreading about it.

And, here are some

And, here are some apps that can help you get rid of this addiction to a great extent. As ironic as it sounds, there are apps that help you keep away from addictive apps on phones. It’s like good apps saving you from the bad ones.

that can help you get rid of this addiction to a great extent. As ironic as it sounds, there are apps that help you keep away from addictive apps on phones. It’s like good apps saving you from the bad ones.

1. Offtime

This app helps you break the addiction by blocking certain apps that are distractive in nature. Based on your usage, it gives you analysis that can help you curb the activity. There are modes like me, family, work, that can help you categorize your priorities and gain access to necessary info only.

2. Breakfree

As the name itself suggests, this one aims to set you free from the digital cage. This is one creative way of getting rid of addiction as it tracks your daily usage and provides you the result in the form of a score. Trying to beat the score by using the phone less can be a great challenge to oneself.

3. Flipd

Brace yourselves! This one is like the strict teacher who once failed you on a test will never change the score no matter how desperately you plead. Yes, this one allows you to lock your phone on your consent and once locked, will not allow you to use the phone until the set timer goes off. Even turning the power on/off won’t work.

4. Moment

Here is another popular app to help you curb the phone addiction. It majorly tracks your usage and notifies you regularly. You can set daily limits and once exceeded, the app keeps sending in the reminder like a whiny little kid and won’t stop until you get off the phone.

5. Stay on Task

Rather than focusing on getting you off the phone or help you break the addiction, this one chooses to focus on help you get the important task done. It occasionally asks you how the work is going and keeps reminding you of the priorities throughout the day. This subtle way of making you realize that there are important tasks at hand can go a long way.

No matter how strong the addiction, with proper measures and discipline, it can be controlled. The best and easiest way to get rid of something addictive is to find something productive to do. Make positive changes to your life and use the addiction to your own advantage.

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