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Observing the Effective Classroom Environment

Author: Elizabeth King
by Elizabeth King
Posted: Jul 12, 2018
between teacher How interactions between teacher and students in a classroom creates effective environment

In this classroom, the interaction between the teacher and the students creates an effective learning environment through a form of engagement over the presentation of the academic content as well as a positive teacher student relationship that promotes the desire to learn amongst the students.

Sources of status and authority in the classroom

In this classroom, I observed that the source of authority was the different levels of the students to think and analyses as well as give a proper feedback on their prior knowledge. Again, the level of dependency on the teacher for creating opportunities and praise was a good source of authority.

The rules and routines in this classroom

In this classroom, attendance slip pass is issued at the start of the class. The classroom rules are posted on the classroom follow directions, and in addition I was informed that on the first day each student is given an attendance slip once they walk in which it to be signed and dated.

How explicit the teacher is in his expectations

In this classroom, the teachers expect the student that each student completes their assignments and posted the completed assignments on the completed homework assignment board. This is not a negotiable task.

The extent to which the systems and routines of the classroom reflect the values of the community, equity and accountability for learning

The values and routines in this classroom reflect the values of the community through the exhibition of a feeling of connection to the teacher, experiences of frequent communication between the teacher and the students as well as through exhibition of guidance and more praise than criticism from the teacher. This has made the students more trusting towards their teacher.

The ways by which this classroom community come together

This classroom community comes together through spending a good deal of time together on both classroom assignments as well as in other curricula activities. This gives the students a feeling of cohesiveness and community thus promoting and environment that enhances values which help the children to work together as a group.

This is evidenced by the classroom environment that has developed between the student of cooperation as well as caring for each other through friendship as well as an evident feeling of belonging as part of the group by all the students.

The climate of learning in this class

The learning climate in this classroom was well controlled by the teacher who applied his experience in teaching poster a positive and confidential relationship with the students in regard to their academic and social development through high quality instruction and homework help and tutoring.

How the teacher student relationships support or hinder student learning

From my observation, the teacher student relationship in this classroom support the student learning through a close, positive and a caring as well as supporting relationship which leads to a conflictual relationship.

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Author: Elizabeth King

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