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Recommended Satellite Dishes For First Time Buyers

Author: Steven Sanders
by Steven Sanders
Posted: Jul 10, 2018

Why should you worry about choosing the best satellite dish? Well, as you presumably know, the satellite dish is placed on the roof of your house or on the side of it, but the key point is it is outside of your house. Therefore, it is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, which can damage your dish. Consequently, you should choose the dish that will reach the signal well and endure heavy weather conditions.

Usually, satellite dishes offer better signal and more channels particularly when they are placed outside of the house. In the air there are no boundaries, so you can receive excellent signal and enjoy your favorite TV shows. There are indoor dishes too, but they don´t offer the equivalent quality so you should go with the exterior ones.

The last significant point we should concentrate on before examining actual offers is you should have experts connecting your dish to avoid issues with signal or any additional inconveniences. Now that you know these basic things let’s move on to the actual dishes on the run. Which one to choose, at last? Keep reading and you will find that this DISH packages the best suit your needs.

DISH Network - 1000.2 Dish 110, 119, 129 Satellites High Definition Dish

Dish Network’s satellite dish is considered to be the best on the market. Before we focus on the dish itself, Dish as a provider offers amazing Satellite TV and Internet bundle. So, if you choose Dish you will get 190+ channels that are mainly HD, at a price of $73, shipping is free.

High definition Dish is constructed with the combined three orbital location DISH Pro Plus LNBF, this Dish Network´s miraculous receiver can accept a signal from 110°W, 119°W, and 129°W DBS orbital locations.

Basically, it means no matter where you are in the world, you’ll probably receive enough signal to watch all your beloved TV shows on demand.

Although this dish is primarily made for your house, some people say they had no problem installing it on their RV. One more thing, this dish can supply two tuners from one line which means you can pick up different channels from other satellite if you point the dish in the different direction.

KING VQ4500 Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna

This is an outstanding dish for RV’s, as it is portable and catches great signal. You will get this dish packed with features and a lot of TV viewing options. Plus, you can choose whether you want to use it as a portable antenna or install it on your roof as it arrives with mounting feet involved. Additionally, it maintains multiple TV viewing with the built-in dual coaxial outputs as long as the programming is on the same satellite. KING VQ4500 Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna is extremely easy to setup, plus according to many reviews, users said they didn´t have any problems with the signal.

When it comes to pricing, you can choose a pay-as-you-go option, or you can connect it with your home dish service, that way you can improve the signal you get. Also, can find this superior dish for $300 on Amazon, transportation is free.

Runner-Up - DirecTv 18-Inch Satellite Dish

Provided with a Dual Output LNB, this DirectTV model is almost 18 inches in width. It picks up DirectTV 101 satellite and will, consequently, enable you to enjoy all your favorite TV channels.

The DirecTV 18-Inch Satellite Dish connects to a regular receiver for DirectTV which can also connect to a high-definition TV.

If we take a look at various customer reviews, this model is remarkably simple to set up. It can be installed using ¾ inch lag bolts and adjustment is also very candid.

What makes this dish even better is it is affordable. You can find Runner-Up - DirecTv 18-Inch Satellite Dish for $50 or less, shipping is free.

DIRECTV SWiM Mobile RV Portable Satellite Dish Tripod Kit SWM SL3S

DirecTv also offers portable dishes. So, if you haven´t found King model mesmerizing, don´t worry, you have another option.

This dish has a lot of additional features including a tripod, a 50ft coax, a compass, and a bubble level, a kit where you can safely keep these features and definitely the most important, you will get a lot of HD channels to enjoy it. You can easily install DirecTv SWiM mobile RV portable Satellite Dish, some say in under 20 minutes.

You will get all of this for $130, plus free shipping.

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