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How to become a successful content writer

Author: Sandeep Mishra
by Sandeep Mishra
Posted: Jul 11, 2018
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With the inception of various social media platforms, content has become a potent tool in the hands of companies trying to promote their brand online. Such a surge in the consumption of content marketing services has resulted in the availability of a plethora of opportunities for every content writing agency trying to sell off its content writing services. Writing can be a dream job for most people. However, not everyone is destined to become Charles Dickens. Majority of those people can get only as far as writing product descriptions. While the job of a content writer may seem enviable, most people have a hard time making a living out of it. They don’t have the necessary skills required to succeed in this field. So, if you want to become a successful content writer and wish to be hired by a reputed content marketing company, have a look at these five golden rules of content writing.

  1. Try mastering different writing styles: Each form of writing has a style of its own. The news is always written AP style, in short, and informative paragraphs with the crux of the story written at the start. Blogging follows a friendly tone and is often opinionated and assertive since it is from the perspective of an individual. An ad copy is short and convincing. White papers are long written documents and introduce a problem, subsequently offering its solution. Each of these categories involves content and a successful content writer masters each of these styles.

  1. Choose your topics carefully: It is essential that you pick your topics wisely keeping in mind the analytics such as the user audience, keyword research, and checking out your competitors. You are not producing content for yourself but the audience. Therefore, you must be fully aware of what your reader wants to read. Consequently, you must have a thorough measure of the buyer persona. Also, run a check on the popular keywords. ‘Content writing’ is a better keyword than ‘content writer.’ Also, how-to posts are favorite among the readers. Finally, try finding out what your competitors in the industry are writing about. Don’t just focus on their content, but also on who is liking and sharing their content. Doing this will give you valuable insights to develop your material.

  1. Maintain originality: Plagiarism in the writing industry is looked down upon, and repeated acts of plagiarism can adversely impact your credibility as a writer and your career in the long run. Each of your articles and posts has to be authentic. As difficult as it may sound with hundreds of thousands of writers writing on the same topics, it is reasonably simple to produce unique material with a different perspective. A plagiarized material can lead your career go down a downward spiral. With so much content out there posted on various websites, duplicating something accidentally is quite a possibility. Use online application tools like the Copyscape or Turn It In to check for plagiarism before submitting your content.

  1. Learn about SEO techniques: It takes a sound knowledge SEO techniques to register oneself as a successful content writer. Search engine algorithms keep getting updated, so it is essential for you to keep up with them. However, the demand for fantastic content remains a constant. Try producing in-depth material with a unique perspective to be at the top of the list.

  1. Be active on social media: There is no point in dishing out excellent content if nobody is reading it. Share your material on various social media platforms. Keep an eye on the number of likes it receives and the number of times it is shared. Consistently producing good content and putting it on social media platforms will help you build a regular audience. It is most likely that people will recommend your content to other people, thereby growing your audience. Every successful content writer is active on social media, public and friendly.

As soon as the word ‘content’ is affixed to the term ‘writer,’ writing ceases to be mere words scribbled on a paper. Content writers play multiple roles of marketing experts, SEO specialists, and social media darlings. All that you need to succeed as a content writer is excellent content and the right set of skills.

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I am a content writer at SixPL, a digital marketing agency which specializes in writing Ico white paper.

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