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How Adverse Content Marketing Strategy Can Lead To Customer Engagement Failure?

Author: Script Baron
by Script Baron
Posted: Jul 12, 2018

The world of content writing is a vast arena and there are several factors that works together for creating content which is exceptional. As compared to traditional form of marketing, inbound marketing has evolved in such a drastic way that it now the most responsive form of marketing. Content marketing is an integral part of inbound marketing which has attracted marketers to follow the strategy for better brand presence.

In present time web is flooded with enormous amount of content but not every kind of content generated produced response. In fact the rate of content failure is incredibly high in terms of engagement level.

Here we’ll discuss four potential reasons for customer engagement failure in content marketing:

1. The content lack uniqueness

Consultants from Website content writing companies suggest that brands imagine content generation as a generating bulk content. For creating bulk content, brands will have to fetch content used by the competitors which leads to duplication of content. Duplicate content flooded on web makes it really difficult for the content to attract readers attention leading to the content getting lost among thin contents.

2. Content personalization

When it is about marketing, people in present time are in need of personalization. Not only for customers but also for brands, personalization holds a massive importance. When we consider content marketing, personalization help us in producing content as per the expectation of the readers preference and taste. Personalization is done on the basis of customers such as who they are, where they reside, what interest they have and many other. Surveys conducted also confirms that 85% of brands are using this personalization model of content creation for marketing their brand.

A content which is high quality, informative and relevant will tend to grab the attention of the readers. You can also keep an eye of the content the users have engaged earlier to understand their liking's and respond accordingly.

3. A content which does not provide any value

SEO content writing professionals strongly insist on the fact that content generated should provide adequate value to readers. The quality of content is a vital factor for customer engagement, therefore, despite presenting too much content, customers respond to content which are simple and precise.

For creating content which is effective, create a dialogue with customers and engage them to make sure that the information imparted is adequate to keep them hooked. It is generally found that a content which is one dimensional tend to put barrier in the content flow for readers, hence, the content marketing severely fails.

4. Content shock is not good for the readers

Content marketing is a proven effective medium of marketing as it provide customers with information as well as understanding about the brand. However, after some amount of initial phase, content becomes too much for customers to absorb. In simpler words, the amount of content produced by brands when exceed customers level of consumption, it becomes a content shock for the customers. This way content becomes a distracting point for customers as they cannot consume and tend to get overwhelmed and bored.

These were four points of concern in content marketing that leads to customer engagement failure.

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