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Bangles - an important jewellery for brides

Author: Laxmikant Panda
by Laxmikant Panda
Posted: Jul 12, 2018

Bangle is an important ornament for a woman. They are of great significance specifically for married women. All the Indian married women wear bangles as a sign of their suhaag. When it comes to the marriage ceremony then their significance gets increased.

The significance of Bangles for a bride

They are part of the Solah Shringaar of an Indian bride. In Indian culture, it is mandatory for all the married and to-be-married women to wear bangles pattu sarees. It is believed that a set of Bangles signify the long life of their husbands. These bangles can be made up of any material like glass, lac, gold or any other metal and should be worn till their husbands are alive. Every bride at the time of her marriage wears bangles and never remain barehanded after that. Thus it is a wide know thing that bangles are very important in a bride's attire.

Types of the bangles for brides

Nowadays bangles come in all shapes to give them a funky look but for the bride, circular lac or metal bangles are preferred. In different parts of the country, they are known by different names like in Punjab it is Chudaa whereas in Assam it is Gaam Kharu and so on. No matter what you call it, the important fact is Bangles are an important ornament for women in the entire Indian subcontinent. In the ancient time, the bangles were prepared largely by using metals. Different metals like Gold, Silver, copper etc. They look ravishing and beautiful in the present time also. However, now we have so many other options also like Lac, glass, conch, plastic to prepare the bangles. Even things like thread and wood are also being used in the manufacturing of Bangles.

When it comes to suitable bangles for a bride there are some selected options which are given below.

Gold metal Bangles

Gold is an all-time favourite metal of women to be used in the jewellery and ornaments and when it is an auspicious occasion like marriage then Gold bangles are the most suitable for it. Gold enhances the grace and charm of the bride thus it is a great choice for bangles. There are different designs available in gold bangles and you can find the best according to your choice.

Silver bangles for the bride

Silver is another highly loved metal by Indian women. The bangles made by using silver can make you look different from the lot. Those who do not like the yellow colour of gold can definitely go for the silver bangles. You can get silver bangles in its pure form and oxidized form. The oxidized form is quite popular nowadays and largely go well with the colour of your wedding costume. You can easily purchase silver bridal bangles online to find amazing designs.

Lac bangles are also a popular choice

Lac bangles, also know as lahathi bangles are largely worn in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana. However, their demand in the international market has also increased. These lac bangles look beautiful and perfect for a new bride. There are various designs and shapes available in lac bangles.

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