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How can I write my essay using the “DRAPES” method – Top Tips

Author: John Mark
by John Mark
Posted: Jul 13, 2018
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What is the first thing that students do when professors give them an essay assignment? Some students start thinking about it, and some say "Who can write my essay for me " instantly and start looking for someone.

In fact, the number of students saying "Please write my essay for me" is more today. With the rise in the academic pressure, students find less time each day to manage the daily tasks and squeeze out some time to write the essay papers.

However, if we have a look at a different facet, saying "Please write an essay for me" do not fulfill the reasons for which professors give essay assignments. Students do not learn anything neither can the professors assess the merits accurately.

Students say "Please write an essay for me" and can easily avail essay writing services today. Due to this, students are more inclined towards availing these services. But, then again, it is possible to write the essay papers with the little effort.

There are a few students who say "Please write my essay for me" because they find it difficult to understand the procedure to write an essay properly. This is where they get concerned because they need the top grades.

As a solution to this issue, instead of saying "Please write my essay for me" it is better to learn the techniques that help in essay writing. One such technique is the DRAPES method which is formulated to plan an essay.

The DRAPES method also helps students to brainstorm and find new ideas for writing easily. As a result, when students find it easy to write the papers, they will eventually stop saying "Can someone write an essay for me".

Defining DRAPES

"DRAPES" is an acronym. Each letter signifies a component of good essay writing. Through this, students can develop the needed writing skills. Thus they no more have to say "please write an essay for me."

The acronym goes like this:

D – Dialogue

R – Rhetorical question

A – Analogy

P – Personal Experience

E – Examples

S – Statistics


So how can students use DRAPES instead of saying "Please write my essay for me". The introduction, as well as the body of the essay, must have at least three of the DRAPES component. However, when students write the conclusion, they must use different DRAPES component than what they have used in the introduction.

Students must first organize their thoughts and make an outline of the essay. This also includes noting the arguments. The body must have at least three paragraphs where there must be three distinct arguments. Thus, instead of saying "please write an essay for me", it is better to start this way.

After the outline is done, students should use the components of the DRAPES and apply it while writing. There can be a dialogue or statistics in the first paragraph. The second paragraph can have a rhetorical question and personal experience. The third paragraph can have examples and analogies. Therefore, when everything is a proper frame, students can write their essays instead of saying "please write my essay for me".

However, students must remember to stay on the topic. So, students must always use relevant examples. In fact, when they are using any component of the DRAPES, they should make sure that they are relevant.

Dialogues, analogies, personal experience and statistics makes a significant impact on the readers. Students must make sure that they use these components more in their writing as it interests the readers.

So when professors give an essay to write, students do not need to buy an essay, they can implement DRAPES and write the essay by themselves.

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