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What's the Story About Fad Diets?

Author: Carol Evenson
by Carol Evenson
Posted: Jul 13, 2018
fad diets

The one thing to immediately be aware regarding fad diets is to be leery of them. Fad diets don't exactly point to a history of sustained success. Not all fad diets are necessarily bad though. Most, however, suffer from being more faithful to marketing strategies than to precepts of proper nutrition. Regardless of how many people suffer disappointments, fad diets never seem to go away. Every new fad diet promises something impossible to pass up: effortless results. Do they truly deliver?

How Does a Diet Become a Fad

A fad diet reaches an enormous level of popularity with the public. Tons of products related to the fad hit the market. The shopping market aisles fill up with products bearing a spin on the name of the craze. Just as quickly as the diet gained in popularity, the food plan disappears from the fitness world.

Lack of results may not even be the prime reason why the diet died out. Quality and merit do not necessarily play a role in whether the diet loses popularity. Often, the public seeks a fad diet to shed pounds quickly. No interest exists to change eating habits and lifestyle choices to achieve long-term results. Ironically, both the raw food diet and the Paleo diet both achieved fad status. When the dieter opts for smart food choices, both of these diets can be healthy ones. Scores of dieters dropped them. People seeking short-term results usually possess short-term commitments. Even when they lose weight, they slowly fall back into their previous eating habits.

That said, a significant number of fad diets lack any merit. While the diets may come with catchy names, they do little more than serving up significant calorie restrictions.

The Basics of Weight Loss

No matter how you look at the process, one thing never changes. Any calories not burned up by activity turn to fat. To lose weight, you must cut calories or burn more of them. No fad diet can alter this simple fact about the human metabolism. There are ways, however, to "cheat" the metabolism a bit to enhance results. Some of these cheat methods turn into fad diets.

Intermittent fasting recommends not eating for 16 hours out of the day. This period of fasting allows the body to burn up calories consumed during the eating window. 16 hours without carbohydrates also supports enhanced weight loss. Combining intermittent fasting with a host of other diets often turns out workable. Signing up for Keto meal delivery services while intermittent fasting is acceptable. Healthy choices in keto meals can deliver necessary nutrients and proper daily calorie maintenance during the 8-hour window.

Just don't overlook the same primary point: overeating during the 8-hour non-fasting period won't lead to weight loss. Another truism can't be avoided. Intermittent fasting will soon fall out of favor with the public. Fads don't last long. Hence, they are fads.

Don't Worry About the Masses

Marketing savvy draws tremendous numbers of dieters to try out a new weight loss fad. Whether millions of other people stick with a diet shouldn't have any bearing on someone gaining individual results. Similarly, if current food choices deliver reliable results, why jump on a fad bandwagon? Anyone interested in losing weight should research different diet and fitness plans with the goal of choosing the right one. Worrying about how others succeed or fail on a diet might not mean anything to your own personal weight loss plans.

Don't make the mistake of taking part in an unhealthy diet. If a diet low in nutrients or unsafe in other ways becomes popular, realize popular doesn't mean the same thing as healthy. Fad or not, unhealthy diets don't do the body much good.

Eating Right Serves Everyone Well

Look beyond the promises of fad diets. Don't even look at quick weight loss solutions. Think about making proper changes to your overall diet. Eliminating unhealthy food choices make sense while avoiding overeating could be a smart "one-two" approach. The strategy never goes out of style either. Eating healthy can't be a fad. What a shame so many trends seek to circumvent the best diet plan of all.

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Carol also is passionate about health and fitness and stays active on her free time. She enjoys hikes and participates in multiple marathons. She loves learning to new tips on health and enjoys sharing her knowledge with her readers

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