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What Are The Different Types Of Waste?

Author: Lisa Armour
by Lisa Armour
Posted: Jul 14, 2018

Do you know that rubbish is classified into several types? Yes, there are different types of waste, and you must understand what is piling up in your yard or home or business because that will influence the way you get rid of it.

Some types of waste are recyclable, whereas others are not. Throwing all the garbage into the bin is not the proper way to get rid of your waste, because it will end up only in a landfill, which will affect your health as well as the environment. Hiring professional rubbish removals Sydney services to get rid of the waste, is the smart move to stay healthy as well as keep the environment clean.

Below is the list of different types of waste:

Liquid waste:

Liquid waste is found in households as well as industries. Liquid waste can also be classified into a point and non-point source waste. Natural liquid waste is called as non-point source waste, whereas manufactured liquid waste is called as a point source. You should get in touch with the cheapest rubbish removal Sydney experts to get rid of the liquid waste efficiently.

Solid waste:

Solid waste is any garbage or rubbish that we make in our house and other places. It includes old newspaper, books, car tires, broken furniture, plastic, tins and metals, glass, etc. In short, all the non-liquid waste is classified as solid waste. The solid waste can be recycled. If you hire the affordable rubbish removal Sydney, they can collect your rubbish and recycle it.

Organic waste:

Organic waste is nothing but food waste and yard waste. Even though organic waste is biodegradable, it should not be left accumulated. Organic waste can also affect the environment by generating methane. When methane is released into the atmosphere, it affects the quality of the air.

Hazardous waste:

Hazardous waste includes toxic, flammable, corrosive and reactive rubbish. It can harm you as well as the environment and must be disposed of properly. Therefore it is recommended to make use of a rubbish removal services.

Construction and demolition debris:

These are the bulky materials that are generated during construction and renovation project. It includes plumbing fixtures, concrete, tiles, ceiling tiles, bricks, drywall, electrical wiring, rock, etc. if you choose to dispose of construction waste in a landfill make sure the cost of proper disposal is specified in the contractors’ bid.

All of these wastes require professional rubbish removal service to dispose of responsibly and legally.

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