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What are the Common Dental Emergencies? Learn Some Facts!

Author: Frank Meshkani
by Frank Meshkani
Posted: Jul 14, 2018

"The Traveller Sees What He Sees; The Tourist Sees What He Has Come To See"!

Any sort of disturbance to the mouth which may cause bleeding and cuts to the gum tissues, and may necessitate immediate medical care, is called as dental emergency! Understanding what to do during a dental emergency could be a perilous task. Thus, approaching the dental professional is one of the best solutions for a dental emergency. They are experts in handling the situation without any difficulty. Here, the dentist in Rozelle offers some facts to know about the common dental emergencies.

Knocked-out tooth!

A knocked-out tooth may lead to excessive bleeding which can be controlled by applying icepack. If you have knocked out your tooth accidentally, visit your dentist immediately, so that he/she can evaluate the damage and choose the best strategy to regain it. The dentist inserts the tooth into the empty socket and connects it to the nearby teeth. The tooth can be successfully replaced within half an hour of falling out.


A toothache is due to the infection that attacks the root of the tooth. The emergency dentist in Rozelle takes an X-ray of your teeth to identify the severity of the problem. When you experience severe pain along with the swollen or reddish gums, you possibly have an infection.

Generally, the accumulation of bacteria causes a toothache. They must be treated immediately or else they may lead to severe oral complications. The eruption of a wisdom tooth at uneven angles also leads to a toothache. That is, when the jawbone doesn’t have enough space to lodge the new set of teeth, they become impacted which leads to overcrowding and teeth misalignment. This may result in severe jaw pains. Visit the dentist immediately to alleviate the pain.

Damaged Braces!

If a bracket from your braces is loosened or damaged, don’t panic. It could be easily fixed with the help of the cosmetic dentist in Rozelle. The broken or damaged dental appliances can harm the soft tissues in your mouth which leads to bleeding. This makes difficulty in your ability to speak and chew. The damaged braces should be fixed immediately to avoid further complications.


Sensitivity is an ancestor to pain. Some people are sensitive towards extreme temperatures. It can be a symptom for the gum disease or any other dental complications. Thus, it should be analysed immediately to ensure that there's nothing to worry about.

Accidents or injuries that damage your mouth may result in permanent tooth loss. This will surely affect your overall appearance and your ability to speak, smile and eat. It causes some sort of pain and discomfort. An emergency dentist can fix all these issues by offering the right treatment at the right time!

The author is an experienced dentist in Rozelle and a blogger who offers advanced and specialised dental solutions. With the team of dental experts, he helps prevent oral complications. Visit for details.

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