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A Quick Note on Newborns Skin Care and Prevention

Author: Austin Powell
by Austin Powell
Posted: Jul 14, 2018

Special care is essentially required when neonatal skin suffers a progressive adaptation after the baby comes out of the uterine environment. Newborn baby’s skin is extra sensitive, fragile and thin, because of the unusual characteristics of newborn or infant’s skin, the use of cosmetic products made for protection and hygiene requires extra caution. So in order to ensure the integrity of neonatal and infant’s skin, this is important to take a review of basic preventive care practices and precautions in relation to bathing, hygiene, and cleaning products and their toxicity.

Earlier it was thought that skin development reached its maturity at about 34 weeks of gestation. However, recent studies indicate that skin continue to develop until 12 months after birth. Infants’ skin is subjected to a steady process of adaptation to the extra-uterine environment; this is why special care becomes important during this period. Many products designed for use by infants have potentially toxic substances that are harmful to the skin of newborns. Not even labels containing phrases as ‘balanced pH’, or ‘dermatological tested’ guarantee the safety. The better idea here is to only pick the safe and organic baby bath products online or any other reliable marketplace.

It requires a special attention in their formulation when it comes to choosing baby care products intended for better hygiene and protection. One of the key condition when shopping baby soaps, powders, suspensions or emulsions is – exclude the products having potentially aggressive ingredients. The condition, in fact, extends to all cosmetic and baby care products.

Avoid Products having Alcohol as an Ingredient

Although the skin of infants, is still immature, is relatively unreceptive to alcohol, this can cause hemorrhagic necrosis in premature babies, especially when used as an antiseptic on their occluded skin. What is more, the alcohol presents in cosmetic and baby care products can cause skin burns, mainly in infants with low birth weight.

Focus the Areas of Attention When Giving Bath to Newborns

You are not supposed to go gaga just by shopping organic best baby soap online, as a caregiver you also need to focus on the areas, e.g., face, neck, folds and diaper area as they need special attention when bathing the newborns. It has been demonstrated in studies many times that bath itself is far better than scrubbing with a sponge in relation to routine bathing. The bath must be short, precisely no longer than five minutes, especially when soap is being used. This helps skin maceration.

Since optimal skin care is imperative for newborns in the neonatal period. The key recommendation in relation to bathing and hygiene is – always use appropriate soaps and cleaning agents.

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