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Electric Guitar VS Acoustic Guitar – Top 10 Tips You Should Know As A Beginner

Author: Abbie Samuel
by Abbie Samuel
Posted: Jul 18, 2018

There are lots of conflicts regarding choosing a guitar as a beginner. As a beginner one of the most often asked questions is either to choose electric guitar or acoustic guitar. Most of the beginners asked which one is best to learn electric or acoustic guitar, electric guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons. As a beginner and have no knowledge about guitar instrument it’s not possible to differentiate between guitar lessons types because at this stage you just trying to learn the very basic techniques to learn the guitar, which is mostly same for both the guitar. Are you looking to find the guide about which guitar is better to learn as a beginner? If you are looking to find that guitar which is easy to learn for you then you must know the difference between a guitar and the tips as a beginner before choosing a guitar. To help and clarify you the following epic guide show you the main difference between acoustic and electric guitar.

Acoustic Guitar

First of all, you must know the parts of the acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitar consist of the following 6 parts

  1. Tuning Pegs
  2. Strings
  3. Fret Board
  4. Sound Hole
  5. Bridge
  6. Guitar Body

The melodious sound of the guitar is created when the strings are plucked with fingers or thumb. The soundboard of acoustic guitar is also vibrating when the strings vibrate. This creates a woody tone. If you are looking to find a guitar that is easy to play then the acoustic guitar is easy to play and use for beginners. After some experiences, it is recommended to choose acoustic guitar as a beginner because if they start on acoustic guitar, it’s more likely easy to play and to be successful for them.

Acoustic guitar is the most common to be used as they are designed without the need of an amplifier. Acoustic guitars require little additional equipment and a very pick up and play. These guitars are often less expensive to purchase than electric guitars as they no require any amplifier and usually, this makes them cheapest to choose as a beginner. Therefore these are also called budget friendly guitar as they need only a few accessories to purchase. If you are looking to buy a guitar then you should visit a trusted instruments store such as and choose instruments according to your desires.

Electric Guitar

The fundamental thing which differentiates both of acoustic and electric guitar is that acoustic can be amplified and electric cannot be amplified. Electric guitar consists of the following 8 parts.

  1. Tuning Pegs
  2. Fret Board
  3. Strings
  4. Magnetic Pickups
  5. Volume and tone controls
  6. Guitar Jack
  7. Bridge
  8. Guitar Body

Electric guitars are played through an amplifier. Electric guitars are difficult to play for beginners due to the electronic switches on them. The electric guitar is used with magnetic pickups. They are simple and the twist of wires wrapped around them, which is twist beneath the strings. The melodious sound of the electric guitar is produced when the magnetic fields around the pickups vibrate due to the vibration in strings. However, as a beginner, the electric guitar is more expensive than the acoustic guitars as they require more accessories to play. To play electric guitar you will need an amplifier, guitar lead, pics and a tuner. Even they also need some extra essential equipment to play

Top 5 Tips You Should Know As A Beginner.

The following tips that you must know before choosing a guitar between acoustic and electric, which might help you in choosing and deciding which one is better to learn for you as a beginner.

  1. Cost- One key factor you should know is the guitar price and your budget. If you want to choose a budget-friendly guitar then the acoustic guitar is more budget friendly while the electric guitar is more expensive.
  2. Sound- You don’t need an external amplifier in acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitar offers a variety of amazing tunes and when you hit the G chord it produces an amazing sound. While when talking about an electric guitar it’s more versatile and offers a lot of great tunes.
  3. Learning- The string of the acoustic guitar is often difficult to learn while electric guitar is lighter to learn and more comfortable than an acoustic guitar.
  4. Size of Guitar- Before you buy a guitar you must check whether the guitar is comfortable for you or not
  5. Choose your Genre- The sound of the guitar is linked to the kind of guitar because some guitar certainly works better for some genres. So, when you are going to buy a guitar than before choosing guitar you must decide which music genre you like most. Such as acoustic guitar is best for folk music.

In conclusion, pick a guitar which inspires you and leads you to your journey of success. Pick a guitar which makes satisfied as well as inspires you.

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