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5 Most Hailed Chocolate Infusions in the World

Author: Cho Colak
by Cho Colak
Posted: Jul 19, 2018
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Chocolate makes an excellent platform for bringing out the countless food flavors we have on planet earth. The kind of innovation driven by our connoisseurs and confectioners today goes to show just how real chocolate bars can be paired with other ingredients, in what we call infusion, to make it premium.

In other words, infusion is an excellent value addition option to your favorite decadent. It means extracting flavor or chemical compounds from their source and imparting them into chocolate bars. It is quite an innovative method of creating delightful flavors in plain chocolate and this is bound to ignite your taste buds.

Coffee Infused Chocolate

Cocoa and coffee are two of the world's favorite combo. When it comes to chocolate, their flavors blend divinely into such a boldly delicious flavor. Coffee adds a tinge of crisp and brightness to the bittersweet taste of chocolate. If you are an ardent coffee lover, try out 70% dark premium chocolate bars infused with rich organic coffee.

Milk Infused Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate, milk is more than basic. It is a much-needed enhancement if great heart-warming taste is to be achieved. Vanilla and strawberry make excellent additional flavors. Never mind if you are vegan. You can still relish the delectable creaminess in the non-dairy coconut or oat milk.

Herb Infused Chocolate

Herbs have a way of bringing in a mild healthful flavor to your chocolate. They aren't really strong but you will certainly feel their presence in taste and aroma after nibbling your Choco bar.

If you love that pronounced menthol-like sensation in your chocolate bars, try peppermint. It also goes really well with such ingredients as milk. Other herbs like lemongrass and lavender also bring out the best of this delicious-tasting sweet treat.

Tea Infused Chocolate

Tea is classic. Tea infused chocolate is out of this world. If you have not yet converted to chocolate infusions, this should be your first stop. Try out different varieties like Jasmine, green tea or chai. Pair these with herbs like mint or milk and you will be surprised at the kind of taste this combination unwraps.

Fruit Infused Chocolate

And when you thought you had seen it all, the fruit infused Choco bars will take you by surprise. These are good for you and your kiddos. Berries are an excellent infusion ingredient. The beauty of infusing your chocolate with fruit juice loaded with vitamin c is that you will be lowering its fat content significantly and making it a healthier option.

Fruit juice literally replaces artificial sugar without overpowering chocolate flavor. So you will still be having your chocolate with a tinge or orange, apple or berry varieties.

Fruit infusions make the best chocolate bar for your energetic kiddos.

Such enhancements are what make chocolate worth indulging for most people. Browse for some richly unique flavors that you will find nowhere else.

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Chocolak which was established in 2017, is a leading online platform for delivering premium chocolates directly from the artisans to the end users anywhere in the world.

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