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How Custom Corrugated Boxes Are Made

Author: Lily Jacks
by Lily Jacks
Posted: Jul 19, 2018

Corrugated cardboard tends to be a durable along with sturdy material which consists of fluted sheets. These type of boxes are a popular choice when it comes to heavy duty packaging.

They are often used when something needs to be shipped and also for subscription packaging. Corrugated cardboard is preferred because this is regarded as being durable as well as sturdy material.

How Custom Corrugated Boxes Are Made

Corrugated box design tends to be the process involved in matching design factors, particularly for corrugated fiberboard boxes. This is done keeping in mind the functional physical, end-use as well as processing needs.

Packaging engineers are involved in fulfilling the performance needs of the box and at the same time controlling total costs across the system. Read on to find out how custom corrugated boxes are made.

Needs Of The Project

Engineers along with designers consider the requirements of the project when making the corrugated box. This includes cost constraints, the characteristics of the product, machinery capabilities, logistics needs, consumer requirements, applicable regulations, and more.

Design can be made using Computer Aided Design programs that are connected to some automated sample making tables. There may be some designs and also construction choices that may be considered.

Structural Design

The structural design of the corrugated box is very important. This needs to be such that it can store whatever needs to be stored without causing damage to anything. It should be able to fit the items in perfectly. The design should keep in mind what needs to be shipped.

Useful holes can be punched on the sides to allow one to hold these custom boxes easily. This is if this does not affect the product inside. Structural design will be matched with the appropriate graphic design.

When it comes to consumer-based designs, the marketing personnel may sometimes employ Focus groups or some other ways to see if customers will accept the design.

Printed Barcodes And Labels

Printed bar codes will need to be printed onto these boxes. Labels are another important thing as they can tell what is inside the box. They can help people know whether the products are fragile for instance.

Graphic Design

The graphic design part of this project is also important. To do this the customers requirements and the business who is selling the products, requirements need to be considered. Something that will attract potential customers in a good way needs to be designed. The customer's need to be kept in mind throughout the full process.

A box can have a company logo. This can allow the box to become personalized allowing customers to know which brand’s products have been delivered to them. Pictures and cartoons can be used where this helps, for instance with products for children.

Simple graphics can also be used if the products are for adults or something that is sophisticated. These things need to be considered when it comes to the graphic design of the box.

Keep in mind standard protocols

Custom corrugated boxes need to keep in mind any standard test protocols present.

The Process Of Making The Corrugated Box

Corrugated board is made particularly on a corrugated line. This is a long series of some linked machines that may be the size of some football field. A completed piece of the specific single wall corrugated board consists of a single corrugated layer that is sandwiched between two liners.

Some skilled workers prepare job tickers for every stack of box blanks moreover route the blanks going particularly to fabrication machines. The printing dies along with patterns get prepared upon huge, flexible, rubber or also tin sheets.

After this, they get loaded onto rollers moreover the box blanks get fed through it. Each gets trimmed, printed, cut, plus scored, folded, as well as glued to develop a box here. The finished boxes get stacked then sent to the banding machines to get wrapped plus shipped.

Custom boxes and custom corrugated boxes can be used to package a variety of products in. My Box Printing is one business which specializes in developing boxes suited to what the client needs to package.

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