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Why Email Signature is Overlooked Marketing Opportunity

Author: Newoldstamp Company
by Newoldstamp Company
Posted: Jul 20, 2018
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An email signature is a simple yet powerful tool for business. But it is often overlooked by established enterprises as well as startups. They mostly concentrate on social media promotions and other conventional methods of advertisements. However, email is an old method of advertising and it is still authentic.

Currently, data from Statista showed that 3.7 billion people worldwide were using email in 2017. Also, it will increase up to 4.3 billion users by 2022. One thing to be noted is that the number of email users never decrease because all the social media pages are linked to email. Indirectly, email is always required.

Yes, people may not want to read a lot of text nowadays. It's the type of visual content that people really need to check and enjoy. Therefore, a business email signature, for example, could be used by event planners and it can prove how much value a simple block with information adds to the visual image of your email.

Email Signature Structure

Whenever you are sending an email, as a company you have to consider adding an e-signature at the bottom of the newsletter. There is a specific structure of this signature which includes the following:

  • At the left part of the signature block, you can add your picture. And at the right one, you can include your text.

  • As well, it’s great to put a good quality photograph that associates with the company (maybe a logo or your professional photo).

  • Include name, your designation and contact details. Keep the text short and brief.

  • Also, you may add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account as icons (not links).

You may seek for online e-signature generators as NEWOLDSTAMP. You have to add your photo, banners, logo, and information - and boom - your perfect email signature is ready!

Advantages of Email Signature

Before we jump into why companies are not using this tool anymore, let me tell you why you should use it. What these companies are losing out and what should be done to attract and maintain customers.

1. Trust

E-signature shows that you are a trustworthy company. It also proves that this email is no spam. Trust is the first step towards success. Once people trust you, customers will not have second thoughts while buying products.

2. Easy and free

This tool is the easiest of all online marketing tools available. Gmail is not charging any fee for using this tool. Also, you just have to make this signature once and Gmail uses it automatically every time you send an email.

However, if you want to use ready templates, you can try the signature creator tool which will save you time and boost your productivity. The services support major emails and email apps: Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail, Yahoo, iOS and Android.

3. Security

Having an email signature is the best way to save yourself and your loyal customers from hackers and internet abuse by competitors. Therefore, it also provides security and privacy. You may also add various promotional banners about upcoming events in your signature.

4. Easy to update

Email signature must always be updated with new information. The contact details must be correct otherwise this might be a big reason for the decrease in sales. In case your phone number or email is different, update the signature. You can do it easily by using the signature creator - it’s simply made for those who need an update.

Why Is It Overlooked?

Given all those advantages, it is difficult to say why the email signature is an overlooked marketing opportunity. Although it is an efficient and easy tool, there are some cons of this tool if you decided to make it on your own without professional developer or email signature service. The following are the reasons:

  • Time Taking - manually doing the email signature is time taking. This is one of the biggest reason that is preventing startups from using e-signature. As a startup, there are many other things to focus on like products or services, hiring employees and buying a plot for setting up the shop. So, email signature or even thinking about email marketing is at the back of the mind.

What to do:

As already told before, ask for professional or online help. They are not expensive and will make good email signatures. You may assist them in the kind of signature you want and some provide free updating too.

  • All-device non-compatibility - the email signature might be perfect for laptop and PC but not for mobile. It is still being worked upon to make it compatible with all devices. Nowadays, everyone is using smartphones, where it might not appear properly. In case you are making your signature manually make sure that you make it compatible with at least smartphone.

What to do:

If you are finding this difficult then you may ask for some expert help. You may also use the NEWOLDSTAMP creator - if you are using a mobile device - which helps to make it optimized to some level. You may create your template for absolutely free and decide if you want to continue.

  • Different operating systems - due to the presence of different operating systems, the email signature also suffers a lot. For example, the email signature created using Office 365 will look great on Microsoft using devices but the same will not appear properly in Apple devices because they use iOS. Vice-versa is also true. This might act as a big limitation when we talk about reaching out to many people.

What to do:

At this point, it is advisable to create the same signature using different operating systems and put the same in the email while sending. Whichever is compatible with the client’s devices will open properly.

  • Image issues - the image is by far the most important part of the signature. It is the one that attracts people’s attention. The image should be small in size but high in resolution and this might be a problem. Also, some images might open in some devices and not in others. Sometimes it is difficult to choose which image to put.

What to do:

You definitely cannot put a picture of a mountain and river because it is beautiful. Of course, the image should be attractive but also relevant. So the best is to have either the logo of your company or a photograph of your face as the face of the company. These photographs should be taken by a professional camera.

Need a Responsive Signature?

Well, those are some of the reasons that are stopping companies from using the email signature. Every problem comes with a solution only if you try to find it. Every business definitely needs to have an email signature even though it is time taking or difficult to make because you are not a computer person.

So, if you ask yourself what’s the best and creative signature tool you know of? Something that you can use to design, and then manage from one place - check the Newoldstamp business email signature for showing not only your contact information but promoting events, e-books, products, videos, and brand!

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