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What to look for in an ICO white paper writer

Author: Sujit Kumar Pathak
by Sujit Kumar Pathak
Posted: Jul 21, 2018
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It won’t be an overstatement to say that the ICO white paper is the most critical part of a project, more significant than the crypto community management. It is because a compelling white paper will convince others to become a part of your community. Yet, most ICO projects don’t give the white paper the significance that it rightly deserves and end up writing a rather poor white paper, which fails to get any traction. If you are planning an ICO project, then it is imperative that you focus on the white paper. You can get it done by either hiring an ICO marketing agency or an ICO white paper writer. While an agency will also look after your project’s other requirements like Telegram community management and provide holistic support to your project, a professional writer will focus exclusively on your white paper to make your project a success. So if you think you can take care of your project and don’t need the ICO community management services of an agency except for their help in writing the white paper, then it is better to hire a writer to focus solely on the white paper. Here is a list of things you should check before hiring a writer.

  1. Track record: Go through the white papers that the writer has previously written. Also, check how much funding those ICO projects managed to raise. Although the amount of funding raised depends on numerous factors other than the white paper like community management and the hype generated by the project; nevertheless, the white paper contributes a lot in that regard.

  2. Content: Going through the white papers written by a potential writer will let you know a lot about his writing style and tone that he applies in the document. If the writer isn’t versatile, then it is a red flag. Even if the previous projects that he has been a part of, might have achieved satisfactory results, the same might not happen to your project. It is possible that your white paper requires a different approach. Go for a versatile writer who isn’t fixed on only one writing style.

  3. Queries: To write a fantastic white paper, the writer must have a clear understanding of your vision what you aim to achieve through the white paper. So relevant questions from the potential writer about your project is a positive sign. It means that the writer is curious to know about your project and is upbeat about writing for your project.

  4. Technical knowledge: It is necessary that your writer has a sound technical understanding and understands what it would take to create an effective business model. You will get a measure of his technical expertise through his previously written white papers as well as the conversation that you will have with him.

  5. Articulation: It is essential that your writer can articulate your business idea through the white paper. Quite often, despite an excellent idea, ICOs fail to raise the expected amount because the writer isn’t capable enough to convey to the potential investors the merits of investing in the project. Stuffing the white paper with too much technical jargon often convinces the potential investors against putting their money into the project.

Remember a white paper is only as good as the writer. But even the best of the writers can also not make a poor idea look convincing on the paper. Until your business model is a promising one, it is improbable that any writer would be able to sell it off.

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I am an SEO specialist at SixPL, a digital marketing agency which specializes in writing ICO white paper and content writing services.

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Author: Sujit Kumar Pathak

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