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Best chiropractor south surrey presents “spinal decompression and improvement in whole body flexibil

Author: Kam Mann
by Kam Mann
Posted: Jul 21, 2018
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As a best chiropractor South Surrey, one of the biggest problems we see as we age is a loss of our flexibility and our range of motion. If there are problems of nerve root compression in the spine then the use of spinal decompression may have an improvement in spinal flexibility and peripheral joint flexibility as we have found in our best chiropractor South Surrey office.

Flexibility and range of motion of the spine and peripheral joints is a very important parameter of musculoskeletal health. There are instruments available to measure these parameters but most often the best chiropractor South Surrey doctor or therapist does these tests manually in the office. For an example, the neck has an overall combined flexion-extension of around 136 degrees. That means from looking as far back with the head back in extension to moving the head forward to resting the chin as close to the chest as possible is 136 degrees.

The question that is often asked by best chiropractor South Surrey patients is "what is spinal decompression?" In one sentence it is an advanced form of traction therapy. Traction in one form or another has been around since we have records of history. Obviously, the name spinal decompression being different than traction implies that it is not the same thing. Spinal decompression uses modern, state of the art equipment. The harness that attaches around the waistline is connected to a computer that can do a host of different procedures. Essentially the use of a computer driven therapy is what gives it its uniqueness over traditional or standard traction therapy. The computer has a built in module that can actually sense the amount of muscular resistance. It is then able to allow some give in the tensile pull allowing the muscle to relax much quicker achieving a longer and more effective pull of the joint and disc.

Decompression therapy at best chiropractor South Surrey takes the pressure off of compressed nerves. Pinched nerves in the spinal column cause muscular tension and weakness in the muscles that they supply. This in turn creates restriction around the joints that they surround causing a loss of range of motion in the particular joint involved. When the nerve pressure is released by the spinal decompression, the nerve impulses to the muscle start to normalize allowing the tension in the muscle to relax and improving the strength of the muscle. This in turn, allows the joint more freedom and a better range of motion even without exercise.

In our best chiropractor South Surrey location, we find that spinal decompression has a very positive effect on improving one’s overall as well as segmental range of motion and flexibility. As a best chiropractor South Surrey, I use other best chiropractor South Surrey treatments such as manipulation, adjustments, soft tissue release techniques and rehab and stretching exercise to improve flexibility and range of motion.

From a best chiropractor South Surrey point of view it is important to consider certain factors with sleep. Pillows are important and the use of contour and cervical pillows has been advocated for years by best chiropractor South Surrey Chiropractors. Each month we have new designs in contour and cervical pillows. People are different and there is no one pillow that is suitable for everyone. The decision on which pillow may help with a given spinal problem should be decided using advice from a best chiropractor South Surrey Chiropractor and experimentation. Mattresses are also very important. As a best chiropractor South Surrey therapist, I am often asked "What is the best mattress?" Again, there is no one mattress that is suitable for all people. The best advice is to buy a good quality mattress with good spring-loaded support. As far as sleep position is concerned; sleeping on your side or back is best. Sleeping on your stomach is not an option if you wish to keep your spine healthy. It is absolutely impossible to sleep on your stomach and put your spine in a good position. As we observe in our best chiropractor South Surrey office best chiropractor South Surrey care is not as effective if the patient sleeps on their stomach. This is due to having the neck turned to one side for a long period of time. Imagine walking around with your neck turned to one side. It is bound to hurt at some point. Sleeping on your stomach with a soft mattress also induces extension in the low back. Sustained extension can cause a host of low back issues. A best chiropractor South Surrey therapist can help with tips to help you get off your stomach when sleeping and into a better position. In our best chiropractor South Surrey clinic, we have seen that in most cases it is easier to get a stomach-sleeper on their sides first rather than on their back right away. This is not an easy task. Sleep position is a habit for most. Patients have been sleeping in their positions for years and we all know how hard it is to break a habit.

The one component of best chiropractor South Surrey spinal decompression that we have in our best chiropractor South Surrey location that other conventional best chiropractor South Surrey techniques in chiropractic don’t do that effectively is apply the "axial" traction component to the vertebrae and disc. This is the stretching component that side posture and other manual techniques do not apply. That is a big reason why best chiropractor South Surrey therapists are using best chiropractor South Surrey spinal decompression in their practises.

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