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What are the Benefits of Getting the Mastercard Debit Gold Card?

Author: Suisse Bank
by Suisse Bank
Posted: Aug 29, 2018

A gold class card ideally suggests a more premium access on the bank account. The world-class banks are extremely careful in handing out these premium cards. You need to have a certain reputation and also a minimum balance in your account to get Mastercard on the first application.

Here are a few benefits of having a Mastercard debit Gold card with you.

Spend Globally

If you travel across international borders often, you already know all about the pain of converting the currency again and again. If you do not have the right tools, you need to step into a currency exchange booth every time you want to buy a small thing. The gold Mastercard relieves this pressure so that you can spend globally with the digital currency. With the card, you do not need to go to a currency exchange booth to buy stuff.

Automate Payments

Paying electricity bills, rent as well as EMIs is a big hassle. Untimely payments usually attract a huge fine followed by a decline in the credit score. The gold card allows you to automate a majority of payments so that you do not have to mark each and every payment date on your calendar. Some best trade finance banks send a friendly text message and email to update your balance on the card regularly so that it can handle payments effectively without any human intervention.

Get Access to Flight Vouchers

The gold class card is a must-have for the avid travellers. These cards give you access to premium lounges and flight miles all across the world. It is easier to accumulate the miles on a gold class card since the rewards are higher as compared to a normal or a silver class debit card. If you have enough balance, you can bump your status up to a platinum card too. The platinum card supports even higher rewards.

Easy Swipe and Tag Functionality

There are mainly three different ways in which you can use this card across the globe. The first one is to use it at an ATM. You can easily withdraw cash in the native currency of a place with this card. The gold class card usually charges a negligible or no currency conversion fee on an ATM. The second one is using the swipe function for grocery shopping, fuel payments, etc. The third one is tag functionality where the invoice agent plugs the card into a billing machine to charge the amount.

Quicker Query Resolution Times

The gold class cards offer the benefit of premium service. You can easily get a new card within as less as 24 hours in case you lose it. The banks usually dedicate a taskforce to handle people with this gold class status. Some banks deliver the card to your doorstep (anywhere in the world) within a couple of hours in case you lose the original card, completely free!

Getting your hands on the gold class card is not exactly easy. You need to have an exceptional credit score. Usually, if you are eligible, the bank itself will promote you to the gold class status with your permission.

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