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Different Type of Door Stops and Which One Is Ideal for Your building?

Author: Deflector Shield
by Deflector Shield
Posted: Jul 24, 2018
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Buying a, Door stop /doorstop is a good idea to avoid the awkward situations like constant smashing into the wall when you enter your living room carrying nine bags of groceries and other items while trying to open the door. This unique accessory also holds the door open at a particular angle and offers your interior the finishing touch, mainly when it gets matched with your door fitting. When you place the doorstop behind your door, it blocks the door to slam into the wall, thus preventing the nasty damage. These little devices offer you clean and smooth walls with minimal effort. Plus, unique doorstops are sure to compliment your home decor. If you are looking for the right Door stop /doorstop for your building, then read this guide.

Types of Doorstops:

Doorstop comes in different sizes and shapes: Wide or narrow, low or high, square or round. Additionally, there is a wide selection of materials to pick. But it is vital to choose the right type for your need to ensure that you get the best use of an exterior or interior door.

a) Spring Style and Solid Baseboard Door Stop: Baseboard doorstops are the most common that are built to go along the room baseboards. They are available at low cost and stop the door before the knob smashes the walls and leave a hole or mark on the wall. Nowadays you will find the Wall Mount doorstops in the wood and metal and in plenty of styles to match your decor. They are not as stylish in comparison to others. If you want to keep the particular door open most of the time, it is an ideal option to consider.

b) Floor Mount Door Stop: These great doorstops come in plenty of finishes and styles. They are mounted directly to the floor instead bottom of the wall. This style is designed for the door where there is no wall to mount the doorstop. It is used where the door fails to reach the wall and hit something else in the room.

You will usually find this doorstep in the bathrooms or where the door is opening into the built-in furniture. Few models are magnetic where you can attach the tiny magnetic piece to the door so that it remains open. They are mainly useful when you have a door which you want to open at a particular amount at a given angle. These stops are not perfect for the floor having thick carpeting because it may be hard to guard the hardware to the board under the carpet.

c) Hook Door Stops: They are another floor mount unit which includes an eyelet and hook for guarding the door in its position. Hook DoorStop not only prevents the door from opening too far but it also keeps the door open.

d) Adjustable Hinge Pin Door Stop: It mounts to a 3/16 inches door hinge. The stopper goes directly into the door hinge, and the rubber components on both sides stop the door for opening past a fixed point. This doorstop style will not work on every door, but it is well suited for the lightweight doors. You also need to buy extra pieces such as extended button tip so that they get attached well.

They need an extra installation work than the other options. Plus, it is adjustable meaning that you can alter it tune with your door and situation.

e) Drop-Down Door Stop: It mounts to the door and has a rotating leg which folds down just like a bicycle kickstand to hold the door in its place. The rubber tip set on the end of the leg stops the leg from scratching the floor. This type keeps doors open instead of preventing it from opening too far. Since it is attached to the door, it also prevents trip mishaps.

f) Wall Bumper Door Stop: It is bumper that is attached to the wall at doorknob height to stop the doorknob from banging the wall. This type is used mainly in the offices and commercial buildings. If a door gets hit open, it prevents any mark on the wall from the door frequently opening and closing. You will find many sizes and shapes of wall bumpers, but they secure the similar purpose. When you install them at the correct location, it last longer.

g) Round Magnetic Door Holder: It has a long shaft which mounts to the floor or wall, and the magnetic disk mounted to the door keep the door from closing.

h) Kick Down Door Holder Stops: You mount them to the door. Plus you can kick the leg down to hold the door open when required.

If you are looking for the cheap alternative to guard the walls of your building from bumps, scuffs, and scrapes, then buy Deflector Shield™. Applied Polymer Solutions offer the heavy-duty Self-adhesive wall protection panels that are versatile meaning that you can use them on your walls, corners, or doors without much effort. They have a self-adhesive back that is easy to peel-off and let you install them without the need of an extra tool like adhesive and hardware.

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