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What are the characteristics of a successful pr campaign?

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Apr 22, 2014
successful campaign

First of all your campaign has to have reach. By that we mean that your campaign has to reach the target you want to reach. If your campaign reaches grannies when it wants to target young mothers, it is not a successful campaign, no matter how many grannies it reaches. Reach is not just about numbers, it's about the right numbers.

A successful campaign also creates awareness about the brand or product that wasn't there before. It brings something new to the table. Whether a new commercial, a new product, or a new side of the brand. It might be a side of the brand that already exists, but you might want to highlight that aspect of the brand to the public. Likewise, the product might already exist, but you may want to raise awareness about the product, or shift people's opinion about the product. It might even be that you just want to raise awareness about a certain aspect of the product, which you believe will increase sales. For example, you might be working with a brand that has a dishwashing liquid that's already selling really well. However, it's a little-known fact that the dishwashing liquid is also Eco-friendly. The company therefore wants to make the public aware of the eco friendly side of the product, as they believe it will push sales even further.

Attitude is another proponent of a successful PR campaign. Even if you create awareness, if it does not impact someone's attitude, then it means nothing for the brand. You can make someone as aware as you like about a product being Eco-friendly, but if this does not shift someone's attitude about the product into something positive, something which will make them compelled to buy the product, then you haven't really reached your goal.

Lastly, there's behavior. Now, behavior is anything from how potential clients and clients interact with the brand on social media to how the press talks about it. Behavior is basically about whether you get the target to follow your call to action. Normally this includes something like buying a product, making a donation, or voting for a political party. There are also PR campaigns that are all about public health and safety. For example, maybe your call to action would be to use a condom to have safe sex.

Whenever you create a PR campaign, you have to start with the end in mind. You need to know what your call to action is. From there you have to go back and think about who you want to reach, what you want to make them aware of, and how you want that to change their attitude, which in turn will lead to their action.

The best way to know whether at PR campaign was successful or not is to use PR measurement. Even during a campaign you should do this, so you can tweak the campaign if need be. This article will probably give you an idea of how to measure the success of a PR campaign, but there are some other PR measurement tips and tricks you will want to look up as well.

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