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Skin cancer causes and risk factors

Author: Williams Ward
by Williams Ward
Posted: Apr 22, 2014

Skin Cancer results from errors or mutations in the skin cell’s DNA structure. These causes the skin cells grow or undergo cell division uncontrollably. Here is a quick look at the cells that are mostly affected by this form of cancer.

Squamous cells:

These are found below the outer surface of the skin. They are basically an inner lining of the skin.

Basal cells:

Basal cells are found immediately below the squamous cells. Their main role is to facilitate development of new cells.


They synthesis melanin pigments that give the skin color. They usually produce more melanin when exposed to the sun in a bid to protect you from the harsh sun rays.

Here now are some of the common causes of skin cancer.

Ultraviolet rays:

Sun is one of the major sources of ultraviolet rays. This means that your skin is exposed to these rays every time you walk outdoors. They usually generate mutations by altering the DNA composition of the skin cells. Fortunately, there are a number of medically certified creams that can protect your skin from such rays.

Exposure to radiations:

People who work in nuclear plants and hospitals that offer radio therapy services are at risk of getting this disease if they do not wear protect clothing when working. Also, use of radiations to treat acnes and eczema can tamper will regeneration of basal cell carcinoma leading to malignant growths and tumors on the skin.

Contact with harmful chemicals:

Some industrial and cleaning reagents contain certain cancerous elements such as arsenic and lead. Coming into contact with such chemicals can predispose your skin to this cancer. It is recommendable to always wear protective clothing when handling such chemicals such as gloves and full face mask as some of the chemical may easily splash to your face.

Precancerous skin lesions:

These are also known as actinic keratoses. Development of these lesions on the skin can predispose you to skin cancer. They usually appear as scaly rough patches that are either dark or brown in color depending on your skin tone. They usually occur on hands, face and head especially in fair skinned people whose skin has been affected by the sun rays.

Personal health history:

You are more likely to suffer from skin cancer if you had been treated for it sometime back. To avoid such occurrences, it is recommendable to maintain a balanced diet and hygiene as recommended by the specialist. This will significantly boost your systems ability to fight the cancerous cells.

Some of the common symptoms that are used to diagnose skin cancer include:

  • Pearly waxy pump
  • Flat Brown lesions that look like scars
  • Firm red nodules

Depending on the magnitude of the problem, the doctor may recommend:

  • Surgical procedures that removes the cancerous cells if they are in its in its early stages
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy


Skin cancer is a common problem that can be treated if discovered early enough. Understanding its symptoms can significantly help you get medical attention fast and before it escalates.

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