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Drop shipping fulfillment and integration

Author: Gic Lulu
by Gic Lulu
Posted: Jul 30, 2018

Drop shipping is one of the most popular business model in the recent years. It is believed that there are some people who do not know about drop shipping model so much, in this post, I will introduce a reliable drop shipping platform to illustrate how is drop shipping model works include the jewelry dropshippers fulfillment and its integration such as turnkey services.

Drop shipping fulfillment and its integration

In this part, I will briefly introduce how to carry out the fulfillment during the drop shipping business, and then list some of the pros for using drop shipping integration and turnkey dropship services.

It is believed that each drop shipper may have its basic process of fulfillment, and I’m gonna introduce Chinabrands as an example to explain it. First of all, it is much better to build up the own online stores, and then make sure you already got the higher quality suppliers and well-performed logistic partners. However, it is quite hard to find the correct suppliers and logistic partners because there are so many options and variety of factors affecting the selection. Therefore, in my option, it should be better to cooperate with a reliable drop shipping platform whoever you are beginners and veterans, because the cooperation should dealing with most of problems during the drop shipping business such as order fulfillment.

As the following picture shows the basic process of order fulfillment on Chinabrands. It can clearly find that once end-customers placed order on seller’s stores wherever on Amazon or eBay, Chinabrands should receiving these orders automatically, and then delivering it directly to end-customers.

In the following description, I will list some of the pros for using the drop shipping integration and turnkey dropship services.

a. Easier to do drop shipping business. It is believed that the drop shipping integration services have already provided the complete services, and it is applicable to beginners and veterans. For example, the turnkey dropship services allow people to buy an existing drop shipping online store and they only need to continue selling products to existing customers. That is much easier instead of build up an online store in the beginning because you do not need to worry about the customer targeting and suppliers selection.

b. Cost saving. As we know that the drop shipping integration and turnkey dropship services allow people to buying an existing online store, and it can understand that people do not need to spend too much time and money on building up online store, and supplier selection. Although the costs should be higher in the beginning because people need to buy the online store, but the costs should be lower in the following online store operation.

c. A stable operating environment. It is believed that buying an existing online drop shipping store should has a stable operating environment because it already has the targeted customers and the matching suppliers. It should be helpful for each beginner and veteran to operate the existing online store to make profits.

d. Completely services provided. It is noted that most of turnkey dropship service sellers are provide the complete services of drop shipping online store. For example, they are already cooperating with available logistic companies and well-performed suppliers, and this the main reason why people would like to buying a existing online drop shipping store.

Any other options to do drop shipping business?

As we know that there is a huge cost in the beginning if is using the turnkey dropship services, and most of the costs should be spent on purchase the entire online store. However, it may be expensive for some people and beginners may not spend that a lot in the beginning. Therefore, join a drop shipping platform is another way for people to start their drop shipping business which should not cost a lot, and easier to carry out the global drop shipping business.

In this part, I am gonna explain what is the role of drop shipping platform played in the drop shipping business and its benefits that can be brought to us. Chinabrands is one of the biggest drop shipping platform from China, and I will introduce it as an example for my explanation below.

a. The role of drop shipping platform performed. It is believed that the drop shipping platform is perform as a bridge to connecting suppliers, sellers and end-customers. That means people who join the drop shipping platform can easily find the well-performed suppliers and target customers for their drop shipping business.

b. Technical supporting. There are some drop shipping platform may has strong technical supporting for their members such as the API system. For instance, Chinabrands has its API system for helping sellers bulk upload and download product description and images. Moreover, the API system allows Chinabrands to receiving orders from the third parties such as Amazon and Wish automatically, which means sellers do not need to worry about the drop shipping fulfillment.

c. Training before selling online. It is believe that most of beginners do not know much about how to sell products online include Amazon, eBay and Wish. As the memberships of Chinabrands, Chinabrands is able to give a training for each member before start selling on other platform. Moreover, Chinabrands also give a training about how to promotion of online and product selection, which is quite helpful for sellers understand the current drop shipping market in order to have a well performance.

To conclusion, the turnkey dropship services and drop shipping integration allow people to start their drop shipping business much easier because of the prepared suppliers, existing online store, target customers and products. Moreover, it is quite expensive to do it because of the costs to buy a existing online store is much higher. In contrast, join a drop shipping platform can be another options for start the drop shipping business because it can deal with most of the problems during the drop shipping business such as the entire process of drop shipping fulfillment.

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