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4 Most Common Grocery Bags in the USA

Author: Steve Marshall
by Steve Marshall
Posted: Jul 31, 2018
grocery bags

Grocery bags have attained an imperative place in our lives, the safe and stable carrying of the routine items would not be possible without the grocery bags. Out of a diverse range of grocery bags available, 4 of them are the widespread ones are

  • Paper Shopping Bags without handles
  • Paper Shopping Bags with handles
  • Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Cloth Shopping Bags

Paper Shopping Bags without Handles

Paper shopping bags or paper grocery bags are known to be the earliest form of grocery bags, therefore, their popularity is of the greatest extent. They are somewhat inconvenient to hold as they do not have handles but their structure is rigid, and the square bottom design makes them fall-free. Paper grocery bags are not reusable, they do not get torn easily, they are capacious, and have an immense holding strength. They are not transparent thus are considered to be more sophisticated among other prevalent grocery bags.

Paper Shopping Bags with Handles

This is a newer version of paper bags which came up with handles attached, therefore, proved to be a more convenient form of paper grocery bags. Holding on to the trend, these bags are available in various colors and printed designs, maintaining the same sturdy structure. Custom printing on these grocery bags has also been introduced, as a result of which, brands and stores portray these bags as their trademark by printing the logos on them. A variety of shopping bags have emerged in the market but paper grocery bags are still well-known and are available in many stores in the US.

Plastic Shopping Bags

Having a universal acceptance plastic bags are not any less popular than the paper bags, but their extensive consumption outranks the use of paper grocery bags. The utilization of plastic bags is not confined to any specific area they are an equally important item in the industries, markets, stores, and household. This category of most widely used grocery bags come in a diverse range of quality, colors, and sizes, and have handles for safe and effortless carrying. These bags are not as solid and durable as the paper bags, but they are reusable to some extent. Though their holding strength is less than the papers bags, they fall under the most convenient group of grocery bags. The option of custom printing is also available on them, and it has been widely witnessed that giant retailers and stores utilize custom printing plastic grocery bags to elevate the reputation of their brand.

Cloth Shopping Bags

Made from cloth these heavy-duty grocery bags are reusable and possess matchless holding strength and capacity. The level of convenience that they offer is similar to the plastic bags, but they are not used as widely as the plastic bags. The complexity of the usage of these bags is that they need to be washed timely to prevent the carried items from being contaminated. These grocery bags are not widely prevalent, and custom printing is not commonly available on these bags. If we consider the usability, cloth shopping bags are a convenient item to carry and transport routine goods.

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