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How to Upgrade Your Marketing Styles in 2018?

Author: Sam Singh
by Sam Singh
Posted: Aug 02, 2018
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There is no single company which has followed the same marketing styles it used 10 years back and is still running at the top of its niche. Marketing styles evolve over time and marketers have to change their basic marketing strategies according to it.

There are a lot of popular ways to promote your business worldwide and some companies with the good marketing strategies, which when rightly picked, can make a whole world of difference in their revenue and in the company’s growth. So here are some of the ways in which you can analyze and upgrade your company’s marketing styles in the year 2018.

Take stock of the situation

Before you jump on to drafting your next marketing strategy plan, stop, take a breath and look back at the results of the previous marketing strategies. Take stock of the current situation you are in and the strategies you have used currently and how it fared. This will help you in identifying the crucial nuances of what worked and what didn’t and you can further employ that in your future strategies.

Make a detailed assessment of the journey so far and the ups and downs of all the marketing strategies involved and make a deep analysis. Go back a few years and chart out all the major hits and failures of the company’s marketing strategy and identify the pain points of it and steer clear from it the next time you start planning to come up with a marketing strategy.

Next, identify the major reasons for the success of the past marketing strategies and breakdown it down and find the factors that had contributed to it. It may be a very small aspect of a very major one; don’t underestimate any factor that contributed to the success.

Analyze your competitors’ strategies

There are many types of marketing strategies present and you couldn’t have tried all for your business. Hence, before taking a plunge, evaluate the strategies of your competitors and see how well they have been received. You can learn a thing or two from their lessons without attempting it on your own.

Since all your strategies involve attracting your customers and gaining the upper hand, take account of your competitors’ strategies so that yours can be much better than theirs.

Don’t forget marketing through print media

With the advent of digital technologies taking an upper hand, marketers have slowly migrated towards digital marketing and abandoned most of their advertising through print media. It is true that companies with the best digital marketing strategies perform better but what many fail to notice is that it is backed by advertising through print media.

But a lot can be done if the digital marketing strategies are coupled with print advertising and it can make a lot of difference to your strategies. For the year 2018, personalization is the trend running around and using print media as one of your marketing styles will help you in personalizing your marketing and making an impact in the minds of your customers.

You can make use of promotional mugs, promotional pens, promotional banners and boards to support the digital marketing strategies. If you have any social media campaign going on, you can include hashtags and create personalised mugs as a new way for business promotion to your clients and also give it as freebies to some customers too.

If you have a local business, a cheap board outside your place of business will be a most affordable and simple way to start your marketing strategy.

For a few other marketing strategy examples, you can explore some of the ways in which your competitors’ may be using print media to support their campaigns and product advertisements. Whatever your marketing strategy may be, include print media as a part of your marketing styles for better reach of customers.

Make proper use of digital marketing

Now comes the important part of a marketing campaign: digital marketing. There is a lot that one could do with digital marketing and it is time to pick the right methods for marketing. Some of the best marketing strategies of all time are things that are simple and obvious but those that haven’t been considered by the other businesses.

Consider all your past responses to other marketing styles and that of the competitors’ and factor into it the changing trends in the recent times. Also, your target customer base may not remain the same as it was a few years back. Hence consider the change in the scenarios in the market landscape too and include or exclude from the set of target customers. Start a simple yet effective digital marketing strategy and include other supporting factors to make the right reach with the consumers.

Social media

Social Media is trending right now which can bring in effective solutions when employed right. Social media marketing is also one of the affordable marketing styles; hence you can start a campaign to support your marketing strategy, offer discounts and special promotional codes through social media. You can even go to the extent of using the latest technologies like big data to reach a much accurate targeted customer base and use social media ads to get your message out to your customers.


If you haven’t been blogging earlier for your business, then it is time to start it now. Blogs are a great way to build your customer base slowly and steadily and you can combine SEO with your blogs to rank for the topics related to your business and gather more leads through that. When you blog, don’t be afraid to let a few business secrets. Give people some content to make yourself seen as an authoritative business in your niche.

Email marketing

Email marketing has a high percentage of response when compared to the other forms of digital marketing. Email marketing can be a great way to put to use your gathered leads from the blogs. You can create customized messages through email marketing and also use it to advertise your new product releases or any new updates in your services or just to stay in touch with the customers.

Though there a lot of marketing styles available, pick a few that matches well with your business needs and align those marketing styles according to the business objectives you have set for this year. Revise and update your marketing styles at regular interval of times according to the responses you get and the current trends.

About the Author

Sam Singh is an owner of Pritnyo Australia and Logicsofts. Logicsofts is a digital marketing agency and started in 2008 and Printyo Australia is a new venture in Australia for providing printing services.

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