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Planning a DIY wood refinishing project? Here’s what you need to know.

Author: Wood Repair Products
by Wood Repair Products
Posted: Aug 03, 2018
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Refinishing our hardwood floors is an excellent way to restore their luster and keep them looking gorgeous for a very long time. That being said, not many people know exactly what the process of wood refinishing entails. Not all hardwood floors are created in the same way and there are a number of factors that you need to take into account before you embark on your DIY refinishing project.

Two key factors to bear in mind are:

What kind of finish is already on the floors?

Do you want to restore your floors to the same look, color, and shine factors that they originally displayed, or do you want a fresh look?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you will have the information needed to start in on your refinishing adventure.

Just as there are a number of different woods that wood flooring is made out of, there are also a number of different finishes out in the world. Wood floors can be finished with a number of different substances including natural varnishes, lacquers, shellacs or Polyurethane, to name a few.

While all of these finishes have their strong points, none of them will last forever. You can certainly use a wood touch up pen to take care of small nicks and scratches on the wood surface, at some point you will want to consider floor refinishing. To do that, though, you need to be familiar with what type of finish you are dealing with. If you are in a quandary as to what type of finish you are dealing with, or if you are simply daunted by the idea of handling all of the wood floors in your home by yourself, a local flooring company should be able to help you.

When it comes to refinishing floors, the first thought is generally to fix up the floor so that it looks like a newer, brighter version of its original self. But despite that, you are not tied into that option. Wood is an unusually versatile medium. If you are embarking on the hardwood refinishing process and you want to change the stain, the "age," or the finish of your floor, you can! High-quality Mohawk stains and finishes can help you achieve precisely the look that you want for your floors.

Refinishing hardwood floors does not simply have to be a preventive measure – it can also be an act of reinvigoration.

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At Wood Repair Products we specialize in touch-up, finishing and coating products. In addition, we carry a variety of abrasives, packaging materials, wiping cloths, spray equipment and have custom color matching services.

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