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Medical Centrifuges - Get the Right One

Author: Austin Fog
by Austin Fog
Posted: Aug 03, 2018
medical centrifuges

Medical centrifuges are potentially some of the most useful pieces of equipment any medical laboratory, hospital or practice can own. It's almost certain that your medically related business will be making use of them every day, so you need to think carefully before you make a purchase. But which one is right for your needs, and what should you be looking for when you buy?

  • Spin Speed

Probably your most important considerations when buying medical centrifuges are what you need to spin, how long you need to spin it, and vitally, how fast you need to spin it. You need to consider whether the device you are considering will be able to handle all the applications you cover, not just from day to day, but also on that one occasion when something out of the ordinary shows up. The last thing you need is to spend your day hunting around for another version to borrow.

Spin speed is also vital. It is the whole point of the machine, after all. Revolutions-per-minute can vary considerably, and you need to consider exactly what sort of top speed you're going to require for the applications you handle. You also need to think about the degree of programmability that you'll need from your medical centrifuges. Is it going to be enough to have a few pre-determined speed settings, or are you going to need more precise control?

So, at first, you have to need to choose perfect Spinning Lab Equipment for the better result.

  • Features

Beyond those basic considerations, you also need to think about the extra features that the device might offer, and whether they benefit the uses you have in mind. A refrigerated interior might be exactly what you need to prevent heat damage to samples in the process. An automatic lid lock might not sound that interesting, but it could help you avoid a lot of cleaning up afterward if you're the sort of person who ever has forgetful moments. The best models might also feature last run memory or systems designed to guard against imbalance or over-speed running. Medical centrifuges vary considerably in their features, so make sure yours have everything they need.

  • Size

Also make sure that they'll fit in your lab properly, or at least that they'll be able to move around between locations if that is something that you'll need to do. The need for stability at high speed tends to mean that higher RPM models are heavier, so if you specifically require a portable model, look towards the lower powered end of the spectrum.

  • Construction

Finally, don't forget to think about the construction. These devices are used day in and day out, sometimes hundreds of times a day. You need something that is ruggedly constructed enough to handle your needs, not just today, but also next year, and the year after that. Engines, in particular, take a lot of wear, so it could be worth looking for something that has been designed specifically to be low maintenance.

Hopefully, by now you'll have got the idea that medical centrifuges are not all the same. Take your time, know what you want, and you'll soon find exactly what you need.

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