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Fenomena Alam PAling Aneh Mengerikan

Author: Aneh Didunia
by Aneh Didunia
Posted: Aug 04, 2018
natural phenomena

Non-artificial events that are not created by humans we are familiar with natural phenomena. Sometimes today, natural phenomena often also occur due to human intervention due to technological and scientific sophistication. Of the many natural phenomena from the beautiful to the terrible, we summarize natural phenomena that are rarely known but actually do occur in this world. Some of these rare events will make you amazed by the greatness of God. The following is a natural phenomenon that looks beautiful but it is terrible, a life-threatening version of the strange version of

Brinicle phenomenon

This phenomenon has many nicknames, including cold fingers of death or often called underwater ice tornadoes. Brinicle is the formation of sea ice when very cold salt water occurs in sea water. Fenomena Alam During the winter, the temperature above the sea - 20C, while the sea water temperature is only - 1.9C. Heat tends to flow from the ocean warmer to very cold air, resulting in the formation of ice pipes. Salt in this ice is only made concentrated and then it will be pressed into the salt water channel. Cool and salty, make it denser than the water below it. As a result, salt water in freezing seawater will sink.

This process results in the formation of fine ice sheets that develop into brinicles. When the sea level freezes like in the North and South Poles, there will be salt water and fresh water gathered under the ice sheet. Certainly the salt layer will be more dense than seawater so that it tends to sink to the bottom. Because it is so cold, the brine is frozen and it is called the ice stalactite or has a cool nickname brinicles

Hailstone phenomenon

Hail is precipitation consisting of ice balls with a diameter between 5 - 50 mm or sometimes more. One of the processes of its formation is through the condensation of very cold water vapor in the atmosphere at the layer above the freezing level. The ES that occurs with this process is usually large. Because of its size, even though it has dropped to a lower direction with relatively warm temperatures, not everything melts. Hail does not only occur in sub-tropical countries, but can also occur in the equator. The phenomenon of hail usually occurs during the transition season or when it rains in the rainy season, there is still a lot of rain occurring during the day or night, because the phenomenon always occurs after 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., however, it is possible to occur at night day.

Hail will only form if ice particles or freezing raindrops grow or develop by absorbing clouds of grain too cold on cumulonimbus clouds (Cb) which peak through freezing altitude levels where the air temperature is 0oC or about 16,000 feet in Indonesian territory). Cb clouds contain ice particles and large water grains. For the occurrence of Cb air condition (weather) must support the volatile air layer so that the convection process is easy to occur plus there must be a sufficient supply of water vapor so that the air mass lifted by the convection process contains a lot of water vapor and will facilitate the formation of cumulus clouds that develop into clouds Cb. Cb cloud growth when accompanied by a strong updraft, hail can be formed.

Hail usually also occurs along mountainous regions because mountains have horizontal wind upward strength (also known as orographic lifting, thereby increasing updrafts with storms and making it most likely to occur frequently. One of the most frequent areas of hail is along the Indian mountains. North, which is reported as one of the biggest hail related to considerable death in 1888. Throughout Europe also often experienced hail.In North America, it also usually occurs in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, which is known as "Hail Alley "Hail in this area usually occurs between March and October during the afternoon and evening, with most occurring in May to September

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