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Advantages of Using House Tint films This Summer

Author: Amrit Mirpuri
by Amrit Mirpuri
Posted: Aug 04, 2018

Are you ready to beat the heat this summer in the Philippines? If not, then sleeve yourself and get your house equipped with the tint films which not only helps in relieving the rising temperature but also provides the number of other benefits to you and your family members such as:

  1. Energy efficient: It is one of the most significant benefit of using the tint films in your house as it helps in reducing your electricity bill and save your energy more than any other thing. The feature of these high quality tint films will prevent the outer heat to enter into the house and which helps in maintaining or controlling the inner temperature of the place. IT implies that your house will remain warm in heavy winters and also helps in resisting the heat of summers. All this will give rest to your HVAC systems and which results in saving more on your electricity expenses.
  2. Cost savers- In case of heavy heat you may have to replace your windows to the tinted windows which may costs you a lot but whereas applying the tint films on to your existing windows not only cuts down your window replacement expense but also helps in saving more on your electricity bill too as we have described in the earlier point above.

3. Improves the life of your valuable furniture: As we know how much we love our furniture as it is a part of our style statement and complements our house interior. But the excessive exposure of the sun rays may affect your furniture life as it will fade its color which significantly reduces its quality life as well as its look. While we are using the curtains for safeguarding the furniture from the direct UV rays but still that will not work much. So the tint films are the only solution which will guarantee a 100% protection of your furniture which may include your costly antiques, carpets, curtains, artwork, flooring and other furniture items etc. from the harmful sun rays.

  1. Protects against the harming UV beams: It is very rare that we may apply the sunscreen lotion inside our homes as we think that we are safe from the harmful UV rays in our home but I would say that this is not the case. As we have just discussed the effect of UV rays on our furniture which are inside the home in the same manner our skin is also exposed to sun rays inside our home too. The harmful UV beams can influence individuals inside their houses. Luckily, most window film items decrease UV beams by more than 90%, empowering families over the world to appreciate the glow and vitamin D of the sun's beam with no stress.
  2. Beautify your house overall beauty: As specified earlier, that the tinting films is usually thought of as a stylish element. Despite the fact that they are required and useful for maintaining the house than just adding an element of style. Whereas, it also intensify your house interior and exterior look and makes it amazing and appealing.
  3. Provides additional privacy : These tint films also helps in protecting your privacy also it let lovely light into your home, while clouding your home's inside to walkway groups of onlookers. It implies that the tint films are a great choice for the rooms or parts of the house which required additional privacy like bedrooms, bathrooms etc.
  4. Provides additional protection to the windows: Windows are always at risk of breaking where the tint filming over the same provides an additional layer of protection to the windows which may prevent them from breaking in the occurrence of heavy storms and any other events.

Hence, these are few of the main advantages of using the tint filming in houses. As it is one of the greatest creation providing excellent performance, more reliability and strength to your house. It also helps in improving the quality of life in summers and also helps in enjoying the awesome things of the season. So, don’t wait more and get your house windows equipped with the tint films in the Philippines.

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Ramon Paneda is the sales and marketing manager of L.A. Window Films Philippines. Founded in 2003, L.A. Window Films Philippines is a leading provider and installer of window films in the Philippines

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