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3 Common Errors in Selecting Flow Meters

Author: Richard Smith
by Richard Smith
Posted: Aug 10, 2018
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In many industrial plants, it is important to pay attention to the flow measurement. Although there are many instruments out there that can be used for this process, the performance and quality of each one can vary. This is why it is important to buy PD meter that will fit the needs of your industrial plant. Unfortunately, many industrial plant owners are still failing at selecting the correct flow meter to use in their operations.

It is important to note that flow meters have various measuring ranges, process condition sensitivity, demands in installations, and media requirements.


When it comes to industrial plants, the operations manager assigned to the transfer of fuel should be able to make smart decisions quickly by capturing and analyzing the correct data at the correct time. Industrial plants are heavily reliant on quick and reliable flow processes. This is why it is important that there is a technology to measure them with high accuracy and reliability as much as possible in order to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations.

A flow meter is an important tool that plays a crucial role in measuring the flow of different materials. This is applicable in the industries of processing liquid food and beverage, gas and oil depots, and chemical factories.

When the measurement of liquid flow is inaccurate, it can often be a cause of poor quality production and inadequate revenue allocations. Moreover, it could even put the safety of the plant workers at risk. So, it is important to do a proper evaluation of a flow meter before buying it.

Common Errors in Flow Meter Evaluation

As we have said, there are hundreds of different instruments that can be used as a flow meter out there. This is why many companies make the mistake of blindly choosing one without doing proper research. Here are a few common mistakes that companies make when selecting a flow meter:

  • Choosing a flow meter based on the price. Many companies often just go with the flow meters in the lower price range.
  • Choosing a flow meter with the highest accuracy as reflected in the product specifications.
  • Choosing a flow meter while just relying on what is published in the product specifications.

Generally, companies make the mistake of just relying on what is provided by the manufacturer. However, it is important to note that when evaluating a flow meter, it would also be a good idea to factor in reviews and feedbacks from different users who have tried the instrument.

Making the Right Choice

In order to ensure that there is high accuracy when using a flow meter, the very first step that should be taken is to actually identify the specific application the flow meter will be implicated. It is only then that the operations or depot manager can look for the right flow meter to use.

By doing this, you are also saving a lot in costs because you will only buy PD meter that will address your specific needs without including features that are unnecessary. Moreover, factors such as flow rates, temperature, pressure, and operation ranges should also be considered when selecting a flow meter to use in an industrial plant.

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