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All about fat breaking

Author: Haris Saeed
by Haris Saeed
Posted: Aug 10, 2018
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Exercise and body movement is really important for a lean and fit body. But with the increased dependency on technology to get our work done most of the people are gaining weight really fast. With the hectic schedule and comfort of technology people hardly care for their body. Most of the people don’t exercise and with no physical movement, the fat starts accumulating in the body. These accumulated fats can lead to dangerous health issues.

Breaking down fat deposits and losing weight involve months or years of dedication and motivation, but the process is simple at its core; to lose weight, you need to get more activity and eat fewer calories. Taking a well-rounded approach to weight loss that involves both diet and exercise helps you stay lean because you break down your fat by following a healthy routine to reach your goal of how to lose weight.

Now coming to the point of how to lose weight when you don’t have much idea about it?

1. Drop your calorie intake

The balance between the calories you eat and the calories you burn directly affects your body fat levels. If you eat as much as you burn, you'll get all the energy you need from your diet, so you'll neither store nor break down fat. Therefore to slash the fat you should keep count of your calorie intake. Use a food journal for 3 to 4 days and track exactly how many calories you’re eating and drinking. Then, gently reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories per day to boost your fat loss. You can also know about your BMR i.e. Basal Metabolic Rate to know how much calorie your body needs per day. BMR will help you know about your energy expenditure per day because the lifestyle of each individual is different like some play sports while some do the desk work.

2. Eat more protein

Consuming protein is essential to lose belly fat. Having protein rich diet can have multiple benefits, it maintains your muscle during a caloric deficit, it stops you from overeating and snacking on junk food as it keeps you satiated. Moreover, the protein takes more energy to digest when compared to carbs or fats and therefore it boosts your calorie burn throughout the day.

3. Lift weight to burn fat

Adding muscles by lifting weight can help you with burning fat fast especially when you are dieting. The weight lifting can help you increase body metabolism, even if you are cutting your calories.

4. Boost your fat burn with exercise

Exercise increases your energy needs, so you'll break down more fat. Include more activity into your daily routine to burn away fat deposits more quickly. Regular exercise will make your body more efficient at delivering and extracting oxygen.

If you are carrying too much fat especially in your lower abdomen, your workout routine must consist of heavy squats, deadlifts, lunges, barbell presses, heavy rows etc. Also, lift as heavy as you can while using good technique.

5. Stay hydrated

If you have an intense workout routine it is mandatory for you to stay hydrated all day round. Weight loss can only be accomplished when you are giving your body the water it needs in addition to enough nutrients.

Have a proper sleep and limit your carbs. Fat loss requires a lot of effort, hard work and patience. You can easily lose belly fat and fat from other areas by sticking to your routine and building a strong mindset.

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Haris is a Digital marketing specialist and part time blogger. And he loves to write about home improvement niches.

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