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3 Important Passing Rules: Basketball Training Melbourne Advice

Author: Brett Rainbow
by Brett Rainbow
Posted: Aug 13, 2018

When they think about basketball training, Melbourne based parents may think about passing and shooting. Both of these skills are vital, but without effective passing, it can be very difficult to get into positions to shoot accurately. As such, one of the most essential skills to develop as a new player is passing the ball to your teammates. Alongside movement, this is vital if you want to get into dangerous areas where you can score points over the opposition. Here we have put together a short list of three key passing rules that will improve your game.

1. Always Look for the Open Player

One every basketball team there will be one or two players that are better than everyone else. It can be easy to fall into the trap of simply passing to the best players all the time. However, this is not a good practice to adopt, choosing the same players all the time limits your options and makes it easier for the opposition to mark them out of the game. Instead, always look for the player that is open, this will make it harder to anticipate your moves and the opposition will be less able to deal with your plays.

2. Develop Trust in Your Teammates

Following on from above, you may not want to pass to a teammate because you feel like they may not be able to make the shot. However, you must develop trust in your teammates and second guessing yourself in the heat of the moment will affect your game. Simply pass the ball, if they miss a shot, you will get a chance again. Basketball is a fast moving game, even if you have players that are half as good, if you shoot twice as often you can still compete.

3. Solid Fundamentals are Key

Always take a step towards the player you’re passing to and don’t ever throw flat footed. Snap the ball out to the wing, throw with a purpose and throw up solid entry passes at the post. Don’t throw soft passes, they are a waste of effort and keeping possession is preferable. Always work hard at practice and make the fundamentals of the game second nature. In the heat of the game muscle memory is key to making effective moves quickly under pressure.

If they are looking for basketball training Melbourne based athletes, parents and educators, should get in touch with us here at Tomorrow’s Stars. We have a wide selection of training programs available for different age groups and skill levels. Our professional coaches will teach the fundamentals of the game, develop those skills and teach the students how to use them as part of a team. This is a fun activity that promotes fitness, social skills, and confidence, that will be useful on and off the court. Our team is standing by to discuss our basketball coaching programs in greater detail, and they will be happy to answer any other questions that you may have.

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Author: Brett Rainbow

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