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Fashion in the 21st Century – Breaking Age Old-Stereotypes

Author: Ritu Kumari
by Ritu Kumari
Posted: Aug 17, 2018

Over the course of our country’s history, films and fashion have been closely intertwined. Especially since the 1970’s films and film stars played a huge role in influencing the fashion of the day. Everything that shone on the silver screen, from haircuts to shoes, and everything in between, had a huge impact on the choices of people. Some notable motifs that were popularized mainly because of the popularity of the actors that donned them are bangs, puffed up buns, bell bottoms, hairbands, baggy jeans, intricately embroidered sarees, kurta-churidaar combos, and oversized jackets. This monopolization of influence can probably be accredited to the lack of external influences to liberate and inspire the masses, and stringent societal laws that are predominantly restrictive and inhibitive.

Today, however, with unbridled access to the internet, it has become infinitely easier for an individual to, broadly, make independent and empowered choices, and more exactly, choose their fashion icons for themselves. Today, there are a number of campaigns, organized movements and awareness programs that are getting a lot of relevance thanks to social media. This is not to say that the struggle against restrictive clothing in which comfort was the second priority did not exist, they did, but they did not have the kind of following and support it does to day due to the internet.

Let’s take a look at some such fashion movements that are taking place in our country right now:

Exercise your Freedom

Staying fit is one of the highest priorities for millennials, and to do so in style adds just a little more fun to it. However, most women in our country don’t feel free wearing clothes meant for exercising fearing stigma, unwanted attention and a host of other problems. To counter this, women from the Delhi NCR region have launched a movement on social media with the hashtag, ‘SportsBraRunSquad’, aimed at generating solidarity among women and forming groups to ensure safety while exercising in sports clothes.

Fill your Pockets

Strangely, pockets have been missing from female garments for a long time. We are all aware of how important pockets are, for keys, cards, mobile phones and so much more. Even until a few years ago, the only access women had to pockets were in the form of denims. Today, the importance of pockets are being recognized again, and a large number of clothes manufacturers are incorporating pockets in kurtis, dresses, and skirts too.

The End of Assigning Color to Genders

When we were young and were made to visit newborns of our relatives and family friends, the way to identify the gender of the baby was by checking the nursery walls for pink or blue. With social conditioning such as this from an early age, it’s no wonder how many people still subscribe to these assigned colors. However, a stark rise in fuchsia, pink and peach clothing for men has seen unnecessary and crippling stereotypes such as this put to an end. Why deny men the opportunity to wear these beautiful bright colours?

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