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Carbon Molecular Sieves Working

Author: Arun Kamal
by Arun Kamal
Posted: Aug 18, 2018

Carbon Molecular Sieve is used for Nitrogen Generation by separation of Nitrogen and Oxygen. The CMS (carbon Molecular Sieve) plays a very essential role in this. Mainly adsorption, as well as desorption, is the physical phenomena there into the process. CMS has a very huge porous structure that adds more surface area to the adsorption process.

There are a whole variety of molecular sieves available that are used for different separations. Molecular sieves are adsorbents that are artificially produced types of Zeolitecontaining countless empty cavities, which is the thing that blesses it with the most noteworthy adsorption limit in correlation with different desiccants. Nonetheless, it is this exceptional quality that likewise makes it a standout amongst the most costly adsorbents accessible today.With an exceedingly complex and uniform system of pores, carbon molecular sieves offer an ultimate dampness retention arrangement and thus make it ideal for adsorption of oxygen molecules.

How CMS works?

In the air present around us, close to around 78% Nitrogen (N2) and around 21% Oxygen (O2) is there. When we amplify the CMS to see the strong surface of CMS, there is a light structure in thatCMS has special affinity towards the oxygen molecules. Along these lines, oxygen moleculesare adsorbed by the Carbon Molecular Sieve and Nitrogen can't be adsorbed. When compressed air is passed through the bed of CMS, Oxygen will be adsorbed in the porous structure, and Nitrogen will be pass through the bed. Bit by bit the bed of CMS will be soaked and come to its saturated state. At this point, if pressure drops to air level with the purging of pure nitrogen gas in the opposite direction, the bed of CMS will come into a dynamic mode by desorption of Oxygen. The adsorption and desorption givea consistent stream of Nitrogen.

If you want the world leading CarboTech (Germany) brand Carbon Molecular Sieve for your own nitrogen on-site generation plants for replacement or if you need CMS for nitrogen gas plants supplied by any other company, you can contact MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. They are the leader in delivering air and gas solutions since 1977 and have installed over 10,000 systems worldwide. They also customize systems according to customer’s requirements.

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Carbon Molecular Sieve is used for Nitrogen Generation by separation of Nitrogen and Oxygen.

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