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Colloidal Silver - Beneficial As A Natural Antibiotic

Author: Rhonda Jewel
by Rhonda Jewel
Posted: Aug 20, 2018

Being a pet parent you know that there are going to be times when your beloved fur baby falls ill, has an accident or gets into a scuffle and ends up with an owie.

Keeping your pet’s immune system strong is key. This helps them to resist any form of diseases which might affect them. When our pets fall sick, we immediately call up the vet for a visit typically and to get some antibiotics prescribed most likely. Usually it is either antibiotics or steroids you walk out of the vet clinic with.

However, when this happens are we really helping them by giving them these antibiotics and chemical drugs every time they get sick or injured? No- not at all.

Harmful Effects of Using Synthetic Antibiotics

Though synthetic antibiotics have a quick action against infections and diseases, these synthetic medicines have a negative effect in the long run. It suppresses the immune system of our pets and with regular usage, some pets and bacteria might even become resistant to these antibiotics, and then we need stronger ones. Plus it really messes with their microbiome, the gut flora, which can be a lifelong problem with stomach and digestive issues.

Why Should We Use Colloidal Silver?

Due to the various harmful effects of synthetic antibiotics we are in dire need of changing our treatment methods and incorporating more natural alternatives.

Colloidal silver benefits are endless when used as an alternative to synthetic antibiotics. It is a liquid antimicrobial and has been known to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties and thus helps in preventing many diseases. Benefits of Colloidal silver are not just limited to pets, it is found to have many advantages when used by humans too.

How Does Colloidal Silver Fight Against Infections

Several tiny microscopic silver particles are suspended in this liquid antibiotic and these particles when ingested, react against the pathogens, as they can easily penetrate through cells, surround the pathogen and suffocate it. Colloidal silver works against over 650 different kinds of pathogens

CS it is the perfect first aid go-to item to keep handy in the medicine cabinet at home. If you are a pet parent- never be without this all around natural medicine.

Colloidal silver treats almost all fungal, viral and bacterial infections.

For any skin infections, colloidal silver can be used for the treatment by topically applying it on the affected area. It helps with ear and eye infections too and does not sting. It can be easily ingested as it tastes like slightly metallic water, most pets really like it actually.

Buying Colloidal Silver

Since colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic, it doesn’t have any major side effects nor does it affect the natural beneficial bacteria in the gut, however it is a good idea to give your pet a good probiotic while they are taking it to keep everything healthy in the gut biome.

If you are wondering where to buy colloidal silver from, visit our store trustworthy Holistic Pet Care which offers good quality colloidal silver for pets.

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