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What Makes USB C Cables Better Than Other USB Cables?

Author: Jennifer Truong
by Jennifer Truong
Posted: Aug 20, 2018

If you make the most out gadgets that the technological world has endowed you with, you must be used to being around USB adapters and cables. Right from charging your mobile phone to transferring data amongst different devices and operating systems, they have become an inevitable part of our lives. Since its inception in January 1996, the evolution of USB has come a long way to the advent of USB Type C works on the USB 3.1 standard.

The latest standard of USB has a universal port. Which means, it works across all the devices without any glitches. And therefore, it is considered to be a perfect standard for the future. Today, we will understand the importance and utility of USB C cables and know why you should make the most out of them.


As you all know, USB is the abbreviation of Universal Serial Bus – an industry standard term that provides short distance data connection. USB C cables are made using the latest standards developed and set by USB implementers’ forum. It is quite likely that over the course of few years, USB C will replace the old USB standards including USB A, B and USB Mini B.

Are USB Cs and Micro USB Same?

Although USB C looks like Micro USB, it is a completely distinct standard having thick cable plugs and USB C ports. Quite unlike the old generation of USB cables, USB C doesn’t put you through the plugging in up or down dilemma. As both the ends of the cables are the same, one doesn’t need to worry about which side goes up. Unlike a micro USB, USB C provides data and USB charging up to 10W (5V x 2A). It’s data speed goes up to 10Gbps on USB3.1 Gen 2 and 20Gbps on USB3.2.

What Makes USB-C Different from Its Previous Versions?

Just as we discussed, there is no up or down part to the new USB cables and both ends are the same. So, how is it different than other USB types? If you look at its structure closely, it is smaller, lighter and thinner as compared to other USBs. Also, the devices that are compatible with C type support fast speed transfers, quick charging and superior quality audio/video using the USB 3.1 standard.

How Is USB C Cable Used?

You can plug the USB C port into your smartphone, computer as well as other devices for charging your devices and transferring the data with ease. In case you do not have the USB C cables for connecting your devices, you can also use USB adaptor to plug in your USB C cable to your smartphone, notebook or computer. Thereafter, you can use it like any other cable.

If you wish to charge your mobile with USB C Cable, all you need is a compatible charger using which you can plug your USB C cable. Remember, these cables are not just an updated version of USB A or B cables. Their ports are being used in tablets and smartphones since 2015.

What Does the Future Look Like?

Most of the population has embraced these latest USB cables as they offer swift data transfer than parallel ports and serial cables. When Apple released its 12-inch MacBook in the year 2015, it intended to have one port for video input, data, charging and peripherals; which was USB C. Other MacBooks also adapted the utility of same ports. Smartphone manufacturers like OnePlus have also inculcated the usage of USB C ports.

There are several companies in the USA that sell USB adapters and cables online. But before you place an order, you must ensure that you’re buying from an authentic resource and the cables are standardized. Some companies also provide 6 months warranty on all its cables and non-electric accessories. You can find the USB C type cables at the most cost-effective rates from the online retailers in the USA.

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Jennifer Truong is the owner of SF Cable, a california based online retailer of all kind of Computers, electronics, electrical accessories, networking accessories, cables, wires. Jennifer has extensive experience in the Electronics industry and blog.

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