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Three Post-divorce Circumstances When You Should Consult a Family Law Attorney

Author: Marcus McGowan
by Marcus McGowan
Posted: Aug 26, 2018

Whether you get a divorce through litigation or mediation process, in due course of time, you may encounter numbers of issues such as, non-payment or unwanted delay in paying spousal/ child support money, denial of your right to visit your child, bullying for sole custody and so on. On the other hand, due to change of circumstances, you may require the court to consider on modification of earlier custody arrangement.

Some of the issues, when the court will definitely consider your appeal to change custody include, proof of your ex dating with others, entering in new relation, taking a leave from the state for professional change, his/her unhealthy lifestyle damaging the child’s academic performance, you suspect that your child is a victim of physical or mental torture. Instead of getting panic or fighting with your ex on phone, immediately talk to well-versed experienced family law attorney capable to take up the issue via lawsuit.

Three Conditions to Consult a Family Law Attorney

Non Payment/ Delay in Paying Alimony, Child Support

One of the most common problems that non-working or low earner women face is skipping of money against alimony (spousal support) and child support. Paying spousal support is mandatory, if not otherwise maintained, to women from their ex, which is a court mandate and typically includes in divorce agreement. Depending on the market price as well as the earning of one ex, the amount of alimony may change in intervals. Under circumstances, when your ex is denying paying support money or delaying to remit the money on habitual course, you can get support of a learned family law attorney for guidance. Through negotiation with opponent lawyer or court case, they can help you get all your due support money with penalty from your ex and make it orderly.

Refusal of Visitation Right

Right to visiting a child is typically offered by the court to a parent who doesn’t achieve custody right due to any inability. While this is the general rule, the court may include visitation clause in joint custody too depending on situation. Grandparents are also awarded with visitation right. If your ex is playing tricky game and avoiding you from accessing the child, you should immediately talk to family law attorney to access your lawful right. Who can say, meanwhile if you can establish your ability to have custody, you might be awarded with joint/sole custody or right to visit the child.

Custody Modification

As stated above, if you find considerable change of the earlier state, think of hiring a seasoned family law attorney to appeal for a custody modification. You need to provide necessary evidences to support your appeal. On the other hand, if you child’s life is threatened in your ex’s home, your lawyer will take up instant action and will protect your child by punishing your ex and awarding you with sole physical custody.

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