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The Reasons and Benefits for Using Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Author: Ray Stobbart
by Ray Stobbart
Posted: Aug 26, 2018

Here are some reasons and benefits of using anti-slip floor coating:


Anti-slip floor coating is a cost-effective alternative to installing new flooring. It's versatile and can be used for both commercial and residential facilities. It doesn't matter if you want to repaint walkways, warehouses or just brighten your garage.

It consists of a high build formation which provides a good film thickness. This means you can apply it with just a single coat.

Anti-slip coatings contain pure epoxy resin formula, which exceeds normal floor paints. This improves its performance extensively. Unlike other floor paints in the market, you will not need to repaint annually.

Floors subjected to the coating will not crack, peel or warp in the face of extreme temperature changes. This also helps to increase their lifespan.

Easy and efficient to clean:

Untreated concrete floors are difficult to clean and maintain. They also dry out when exposed to elevated temperatures. Anti-slip floor coatings provide the surface with a protective layer and prevent the surface from drying out. This drastically reduces the risk of cracking.

The resulting seamless glossy finish has a non-absorbent surface that is easy and efficient to clean. It is very important to ensure cracks are filled during installation. This prevents the integrity of the floor paint from being compromised. These cracks can be filled pouring a simple epoxy crack filler into the cracks while making sure the concrete surface is stable.

Quick and Easy Application:

Tearing away a floor surface and applying another is costly and time consuming. It is relatively easy, on the other hand, to applying floor coating.

For an improved application time, fast-curing resin paint should be used. This minimises the downtime of the area and ensures a quick turnaround. Cold curing epoxy paints are used in environments with low temperatures. This is because they can be installed in temperatures between 0 - 10 degrees Celsius.

Improve Safety:

Safety while walking is important in any environment. It is doubly important if the surface is likely to get wet or greasy. This is where anti slip floor coatings come in. To create an anti-slip surface, an aggregate is added to the epoxy resin paint during installation. Aggregates are installed by evenly casting it over a freshly coated surface. This should be done before it has cured. You then roll back over the surface to trap the aggregate into the thick resin paint.

Floor coatings are immensely beneficial for residential garage floors where oil leaks are likely to happen. They produce a non-skid surface, which considerably improves surface friction in wet conditions. This makes them perfect for outside areas, to provide traction for bikes, bicycles and car tyres.

In commercial environments, install nonslip floors to improve employee safety. They can be installed internally or externally to provide safer working areas, walkways, ramps and loading bays.

Environmental Friendly:

Another benefit of anti-slip floor coatings is that they are environmentally friendly. There are some brands that are either natural, reclaimed or contain recycled rubber. They also do not contain volatile and dangerous organic compounds found in tiles.

They are manufactured to endure ultraviolet rays, moisture, foot and vehicle traffic. Since they can withstand the rigors of use, they are popularly used in gyms, garages and warehouses. However, the benefits of eco-friendly floor coatings reach farther than durability.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Anti-slip floor coatings are seamless and do not skimp on durability or aesthetics. They can be glossy and come in various number of colour combinations. The unique designs are aesthetically pleasing while reducing the potential for injury. These designs are just as broad and infinite as the brilliant colours.

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