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5 Tips To Write An Impressive Cover Letter

Author: Anurag Gupta
by Anurag Gupta
Posted: Aug 27, 2018

Resume & Cover Letter are the main tools to sell your candidature and win the best job opportunities in this tough competition. However, it is possible only when your resume and cover letter are impressive enough to catch the attention of the prospective employer and convince them about your skills and capabilities. You can easily get loads of tip to make an impressive resume but here we are going to share some interesting tips to write an impressive Cover Letter. So, without any delay, let’s read on!

Don’t Replicate Your Resume

Many job seekers make the mistake of regurgitating their entire resume in their cover letter. But instead of repeating what’s already written in the resume, point out things that you couldn’t pin down in your resume. Tell them what makes you the perfect fit for the job and why you want to work for that particular company. Let the recruiter know what you learned in those years when you gained experience in your field. It is a chance to show the recruiter what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. Seize the day by using some impressive skills, experience, and achievements in your cover letter.

Showcase Your Skills & Capabilities

Cover letter is your chance to impress the recruiter with skills and capabilities you couldn’t wholly explain in your resume. Instead of simply writing down the skills and capabilities in the point-format, you can use the cover letter to show them what you are actually capable of. Write down the skills that you developed and the things you’ve done in the past to let the potential employer know what you can do in the future. Expound upon your strength and cast a lasting impression with your skill-set and capabilities weaved nicely in your cover letter.

Weave A Story

Contrary to the bullet points in resume, cover letter has full sentences, which you can effectively use to recite your story. Weave a connection between the sentences to create a flawless flow in the cover letter. Tell your story and include any cool facts stating how and why you choose this field or their company, specifically. A story makes the recruiter connect with you and this can take you a step closer to your job offer. Weave a story that highlights your experience, skills, capabilities, etc., in a well-connected format to compel the recruiters to keep reading further.

Edit Before Hitting Send

Just like resume, cover letters also play a pivotal role in deciding the fate of your candidature for the job opening. Even the smallest grammatical error, typo, or spelling mistake can ruin your impression on the recruiter. Before you post your resume and cover letter, ensure that you have read everything backward to avoid any error. Perform a spell check, use online grammar tools, and make any amends required. Also, read the entire cover letter before you attach it and submit your CV to make sure no overly-complex sentences or difficult words are present. You do not want a small negligence to harm your candidature.

Have A Strong Closing

Your cover letter should have a strong closing telling how you are the perfect fit for the job opening. Before you post resume and cover letter on online portals or send it via email to the potential employer, it is important that you cross-check how you have closed your letter. In just a few words, the closing should tell what makes you the ideal candidate and how you look forward to the job or interview offer. The tone you use in the closing should be in sync with the tone that you’ve used throughout the letter content. Show respect to the recipient of the letter while ending it and include your contact information to make it easier for the recruiter to contact you.

An unknown entity around a few years back, today, a cover letter has become an important tool in deciding the fate of your candidature. Draft a well-researched cover letter using the voice of the company to display your interest in the company. Impress the recruiter by using the aforementioned tips in your cover letter and receive the interview call you were so eagerly waiting for.

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