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Wearing a wig note

Author: Nanxi Tumebl
by Nanxi Tumebl
Posted: Aug 29, 2018
warm water

Wigs should be used to comb the hair that sticks to the wig, and must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the wig is an important job in maintaining the wig, but the wig and the real hair are different after all. When washing the wig, you should pay attention to:

First, it is necessary to use warm water to wash the wig. First, the fake is soaked in warm water for about 5 minutes. When the water temperature is too hot, the life of the wig is reduced.

Second, it is absolutely impossible to use machine washing, because the human hair wigs are all made by hand, and the strong rotation of the washing machine may cause the wig to fall off a lot or even scatter.

Third, it is necessary to wash by hand, do not use too much force, can not be soaked for a long time, otherwise it will affect the quality of the wig and the overall hairstyle.

Fourth, after cleaning, you can't use the washing machine to dry, or use the hair dryer or put it in the strong sun to dry. It is the most correct way to dry it with a dry towel.

5. It is very important to store wigs that are ventilated and ventilated. Although wigs are not real hair, they should also be considered for breathability during storage. Otherwise, residual moisture and shampoo can easily corrode wigs. Also note that the wig should not be combed immediately after washing. It should be combed after the wig is dry, and combed with a special comb for wigs. It cannot be combed with a plastic comb. The wig should also be cleaned and placed on the stand to avoid folding and deformation.

Sixth, after wearing a wig, because the head is like wearing a thick hat, so that the scalp is hot, and heat is a catalyst that can accelerate the metabolism of the scalp. Therefore, the scalp is prone to sweating and secretes more oil and becomes more oily. People who have a tendency to increase dandruff wear wigs and make the symptoms worse. Therefore, it is best to wear a wig every night to clean the head, remove the greasy dirt on the head, to protect the scalp, hair clean and hygienic.

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