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Insulation Tube Process Characteristics And Scope Of Application

Author: Suli Lee
by Suli Lee
Posted: Aug 30, 2018

With the increase of mining depth and the increasing degree of mechanization, the number of high-temperature mines is increasing, the mine heat damage is very prominent, and the high temperature heat damage and its treatment have become recognized as scientific and technological problems in the mining industry at home and abroad. In recent years, there has been a coal mine underground polyethylene sheathed polyurethane cold insulation steel pipe (hereinafter referred to as insulation pipe), but the current production technology of insulation pipe is still the confidential content of each production enterprise, there is almost no technical information disclosed in this regard, Articles and so on.

Both lsaw steel pipe and ssaw steel pipe can be used as insulation pipe. Due to its different construction environment, there are many types of specifications. The original H300-JBD high-pressure foaming unit has a large number of pipe-piercing machines and work benches. low efficiency. We have designed a simple foaming frame and a pipe-piercing device, and can foam two side-by-side heat-insulating pipes side by side, which reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. The following are the process characteristics and scope of application:

1. It provides a strong guarantee for the treatment of heat damage in high-temperature mines, and also provides technical materials for the brothers to make this insulation pipe.(2) It saves the investment of the pipe-piercing machine and the workbench, and uses the self-made simple foaming frame and the pipe-piercing device such as scraps and scraps to reduce the consumption of the pipe and reduce the requirement of the size of the heat-insulating pipe to expand the site size. The scope of construction has improved economic efficiency.(3) The self-made pipe-piercing device reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves production efficiency.(4) The improvement of the head mold, combined with the use of plastic film sealing through the water, effectively reduces the problem of insufficient sealing, running material and insufficient density of the end insulation layer.(5) The iron room customized for the equipment unit is free from the dismantling and debugging of the unit during the transition, which reduces the transportation cost, reduces the probability of equipment damage and prolongs the service life of the equipment.(6) The whole set of equipment has a fast transition, high utilization rate of the construction site, simple and economical operation, and smooth process connection.(7) If each project can be made near the construction site, the materials to be purchased will be sent directly to the site by the manufacturer, which will save the secondary transportation fee and nearly half of the mechanical station fee, which will create more benefits.

The foaming frame is made of square steel or steel pipe according to the specifications of the inner working steel pipe, and the adjustable central shaft bracket is installed in the middle, and is fixed on the platform; one end is fixed, and the other end is inserted with the inner working steel pipe waiting for foaming. The positioning plate is welded on the square steel or steel pipe, and the depth of the inner working steel pipe is adjusted to ensure that it is kept horizontal, and the foaming frame and the foaming machine rocker arm are 90 degrees. Arrangement, it is necessary to ensure that the heat-insulating steel pipe to be foamed is within the range of the shot of the rocker arm, and that the heat-insulating steel pipe can be hanged from the foaming frame after being foamed.

The pipe-piercing machine is large due to the occupation of the land, and the installation and debugging are cumbersome, and it is not suitable for efficient production. However, the manual pipe-piercing is time-consuming and laborious, and may also cause the polyethylene outer sheath pipe to crack. We installed a guide wheel on the square steel or steel pipe of the foaming frame, and one end of the wire rope was hung on the small winch through the guide wheel, and the other rope head was hooked at one end of the outer casing, and the hoist was slowly opened. At the same time, one worker grasps the level of the polyethylene outer sheath tube, and the other worker can solve the problem of the tube insertion by guiding the inner bracket into the outer sleeve.

1. Inside working steel pipe: The inner working pipe is lifted from the sandblasting workshop to the foaming platform, and it is put on the simple foaming frame.(2) Assembling the inner bracket: the inner bracket is pierced with a wire, about 5 (the specific number can be determined according to the outer circumference of the inner working steel pipe)) 1 set, and 1 set of brackets are assembled every lm to ensure that all the brackets are evenly distributed. On the outer wall of the steel pipe, the wire is tight.(3) Wear polyethylene outer sheath tube: slowly start the hoist while wearing the polyethylene outer sheath tube, while a worker does not wear the inner working tube at the end, grasp the level of the polyethylene outer sheath tube. Another worker guides the inner bracket into the outer casing at the tip of the tube.

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