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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Author: Drona Academy
by Drona Academy
Posted: Aug 30, 2018
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Python is a most loved among many developers for its solid emphasis on readability and productivity, particularly when compared with different languages like Java, PHP, and C++. Sure, it’s old, but it’s 1980s old — not COBOL or FORTRAN old. Besides, if something works, why change it? As a matter of fact, depending upon how you see it, longevity is something to be thankful for in itself — a sign of stability and reliability.

There are many recommended Python Training Institute in Delhi that offers hands-on practical knowledge / practical implementation on live projects and that can be ensured with the job with the help of advance level Python Training Courses.

Before that you should why it is important for you to learn python and how it’ll help in future success in your career. If you’re like many people who initially began with Java, C, or Perl, the learning curve for Python is practically nonexistent. But the fact that it’s easy to learn is also the reason why a few people don't consider Python to be an important programming skill.

1. Perfect for Rookies

Determined to be simple, Python is in reality very beginner-friendly. Its conciseness, expressiveness, and likeness to English, all add to its popularity as a decision for rookies. Its readability simply complements this. If you still haven’t made your mind. Also, it is interpreted. Due to this, you aren’t stuck in your code until you reach the problem.

2. Community

Like we’ve said earlier, Python has a large community which wants to see it grow continuously. Since it is open-source, people from the community are always at work trying to improve it. A large community also means accessibility of countless, modules, and packages to assist you with your project. This, in turn, further contributes to the growth of the community.

3. Career Opportunities

Even though it is a very simple language to get started with, Python opens a lot of doors for you. In the professional world, Python and Ruby developers earn the second highest grub, next to Swift. In India, the average package of a Python developer with around 4 years of experience is approximately 5 lacs per annum. Python also finds use in cybersecurity. This is why Python is worth learning.

4. Python in Web Development

Many of frameworks for python were meant for web development. These were Django, Pylons, web2py, and Flask. Of these, Django and Flask are quite impressive.

Giants like Instagram and Pinterest have made use of Django. Likewise, Flask is tiny but highly customizable. Certainly, Python is a great scripting language.

5. Python in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In a time without Python, MATLAB would rule the AI & Machine Learning world. But with Python, it is possible to carry out difficult computations using a single import statement followed by a function call. Today, Python is favoured as the language for computer science research. With its speed and flexibility, it is here to stay.

6. Raspberry Pi

One of the most interesting parts of learning Python is Raspberry Pi. A microcomputer the size of a credit card, it is capable of a lot. With it, you can survey the word of technical DIYs. These include making robots, arcade machines, remote-controlled toys, and even cameras. And with Sonic Pi, you can even make music.

7. Startups and Corporate- Python for Both

Python is literally everywhere, be it a startup or a unicorn. From brevity to capability, its perfect blend of uniqueness and flexibility make it an appropriate choice for any project. It gets the best of both worlds. Giants like Google, Disney, and NASA are always on the lookout for talented Python professionals. We hope now you will not wonder why should you learn Python and start learning it.

So, you’re ready to learn Python, but how do you get started?

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