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History of football: Facts you missed in history class

Author: Sandeep Mishra
by Sandeep Mishra
Posted: Sep 01, 2018

Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular games known to the modern world. The Fifa World Cup is one of the most grandiose events across the globe and is hosted every four years. Apart from the fact that this World Cup entertains billions of Football fans from every little corner of the world, its grandeur can be put into perspective by another fact that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on this event, not to mention the loads of money spent by marketing and advertising companies.

Day by day the popularity of the game of Football continues to grow, regardless of any constraints like gender, race, ethnicity, beliefs, etc. This game’s ability to bring people from different parts of the world and unite them in an arena every four years is what makes it unique. Although most of us all love and watch Football, there are still many facts about this game’s history that remain hidden to our brains. Let’s explore some of such facts and sports stuff, shall we?

  1. Football developed and took the form as we know it in October of 1863. A bunch of school and club representatives gathered at the Freemasons' Tavern of London and agreed to establish the Football Association that set the official rules for them to play this game.

  2. In the early days of its evolution, this game was known as "Mob Football" in which huge bunches of people grappled to kick a ball from one corner of a village to another.

  3. By the time this game entered the 19th century, it was being played at public school in an organized fashion with a clearly defined set of rules. However, these rules differed from school to school. For example, some school more amount of handling during the game than the other.

  4. In 1863, fourteen rules were agreed upon and introduced. These rules included laws regarding pitch length, the offside rule, and the size of the goal post.

  5. Although a number of matches has been played between England and Scotland between 1870 and 1872, the first international Football match that was played between these countries, was staged in 1872. The match was watched by an audience of 4000 people and ended up in a draw.

Now that we have given you the dose of some history, feel free to check out Sports Towards for some latest football news. We hope you found the article helpful.

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Sandeep is cricket lover and keeps himself updated with the latest football news and other sports stuff. He keenly follows wwe results and rumours.

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