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How Shopping Bags Change Consumer Buying Behavior

Author: Steve Marshall
by Steve Marshall
Posted: Sep 03, 2018

Consumer buying behavior is prone to even the minor changes in the products. Shopping bags, packaging of the product, store environment, the color scheme of the products, and even the odor circulating in the store while shopping – are few of the major influencers of consumer buying behavior. Out of many, shopping bags are the elements that do not only affect consumer buying behavior but also provide with immense convenience to the consumers while shopping. The expert marketers are well-informed about how to transform the shopping bags in order influence consumer buying behavior and elevate the sales level.

Have you ever pondered on why the consumer picked product A and not product B?

That is because these subtle influencers work effectively to mold the buying behavior in favor of the marketer.

Let’s have a look at how various elements of shopping bags transform consumer buying behavior.

Shopping Bags are Packaging Materials

Shopping bags fall under the category of packaging material and product packaging itself is one of the greatest influencers of consumer buying behavior. Buyers build their first impression of the product by looking and physically examining the packaging. Products packed or handed over in a high-quality shopping bags will compel the buyer to think that the content within is of supreme quality. A circumspect choice of shopping bags considering customers’ preferences and perception would definitely mold consumer buying behavior and would unquestionably escalate the sales level.

The Right Shopping Bags for the Right Products

Buyers now are comparatively more aware than the buyers of previous decades. They are decisive, and they know which shopping bags have the strength and capacity to hold what they’re buying. If your store sells products that are heavy-weight, include metal parts, or have sharp edges then you would have to make sure that you keep befitting shopping bags to carry those products. If you handover such products in a low-density plastic shopping bags, chances are that your customer would probably drop the product or would shift the store. Therefore, it is important to provide compatible shopping bags to turn consumer buying behavior in your favor.

Similarly, if your store does not keep opaque shopping bags and offers products of personal care or certain medicines that the customers would be reluctant to show to other, then you might lose good-deal customers. Consumers are very sensitive, sometimes a trivial factor impedes their buying behavior. For instance, a customer would feel uncomfortable if others see that he has bought some anti-depressants, in that case, you have to keep opaque shopping bags to maintain the privacy of customers.

Customized Shopping Bags Attract Customers

Customization proved to be a revolution in shopping bags industry, it added uniqueness to the brands and served as an effective marketing strategy. Let’s consider an example of two stores;

Store A keeps customized shopping bags while store B keeps the typical bags. Considering that both the stores sell the same products the customer loyalty, customer preference, and customer retention of store A would undoubtedly be better than store B. This consumer buying behavior is not deliberately enacted, but rather a result of the subtle impact of superiority that customized shopping bags had created for store A.

All the globally recognized brands that exist disseminate custom printed shopping bags and that is how they manage to multiply the pool of their customers. They have successfully portrayed their brand image, and the customized shopping bags are a symbol of their superiority that persuades consumer buying behavior in their favor.

The Colors Contribute

Color schemes and combinations have a definite contribution to molding consumer buying behavior. The colors and textures of shopping bags greatly influence consumers and affect the sales level. Certain colors like Red, Blue, Green, and Purple are proven to trigger sales while some considerably discourage sales. Therefore, picking appealing colors for shopping bags would surely affect consumer buying behavior and would increase sales turnover.

Colors subtly stimulate emotions and feelings. If a consumer feels positive and is comfortable with the color of your shopping bags, then he would probably spend more time shopping from your store.

Environment Protection Awareness in Consumers

With the passage of time, consumers have been witnessed showing concerns about preserving nature. They are becoming aware of the fact that plastic shopping bags are, in one way or the other, harmful to the environment. The manufacturing of plastic bags uses renewable resources like oil and gas, they are not easily decomposed, to be precise, they take years to decompose, and they are an absolute danger to the wildlife. This awareness has greatly influenced consumer buying behavior and has lowered the sales level of those stores who keep plastic shopping bags.

Reusable bags, on the other hand, have been seen gaining acceptance among consumers. Reusable shopping bags or cloth bags relatively have more capacity and holding strength than plastic bags and are eco-friendly as well. If this nature-conserving thought continues to aggrandize, then the stores who keep plastic shopping bags would be exposed to compromised sales level.

The Convenience of Shopping Bags

There is a diverse range of shopping bags available in the market with a varied level of convenience that they provide. Paper shopping bags, Die cut handle bags, T-shirt bags, and Cloth bags, etc. All the bags offer convenience to a certain extent, but the ease provided by the typical t-shirt shopping bags is unparalleled. They allow the highest degree of safe handling and convenient carrying, therefore the t-shirt bags are the most popular among customers. The stores that keep t-shirt shopping bags have greater chances of heightened sales level because the convenience of carrying is one of the top factors considered while shopping.

Hence, it is important to keep shopping bags that complement every sort of products that you offer. Bags that provide with extreme convenience to customers become a healthy source for a favorable consumer buying behavior.

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