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Good reasons for choosing FUE hair transplant method

Author: Jackson Clark
by Jackson Clark
Posted: May 05, 2014

Why opt for FUE hair transplant?

Also known as Follicular Unit Extraction, this comparatively modern method of hair transplant has become popular as it enhances your look by giving a better result than the earlier methods. Moreover, scarring is far lesser.

FUE hair transplantation has many reasons for gaining popularity in recent years. Some are-

  • Heals faster than what it takes in other methods
  • Scarring on the scalp is virtually invisible
  • Best method to opt for people with a ‘tight scalp’
  • If you feel like cutting your hair to make it short, this is the best method to choose
  • Best option for people with little hair for the ‘donor site’

Best place to go for FUE hair transplant

Consult an experienced surgeon before you decide on an FUE hair transplant. He can advise you by examining how dense your hair is and how much donor hair you have to cover the area of the scalp which has become bald.

An FUE surgeon in Dubai suggests that hair should be removed in follicular units which are tiny and immediately transplanted into the scalp. In this method, no skin has to be cut away and if there are some scars they will not be visible.

One nagging question that comes to mind is the cost of FUE hair transplantation. The cost varies from one country to another and if you opt for an FUE hair transplantation in Dubai, one of the most chosen destinations for such transplants, you will not be disappointed. The clinics there are of various ranges, from low to high. It is your budget that will decide on the clinic you choose.

The hair transplant cost and the number of sessions required for hair transplantation is determined by the number of grafts implanted. Some may require a single session while others may need two or even more sessions to fill the bald area of the scalp. It is from the hairy parts of your body that the graft units are extracted. The only disadvantage of the method is your hair follicles can be damaged during extraction as there is a small punch which is cylindrical in shape to help separate your hair from the tissue that surrounds it and if the alignment of the punch is not perfect the bottom of your hair follicle can be cut off.

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