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Give Your Eyes a New Life by Getting Treatment from the Best Oculoplastic Surgeon in India

Author: Debraj Shome
by Debraj Shome
Posted: Sep 06, 2018

Oculoplastic Surgery, also known as Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive surgery, Eye Plastic Surgery or Oculo-facial, is a medical sub-specialty that is derived from Ophthalmology as it deals with the medical as well as reconstructive and aesthetic surgical treatment of deformities or abnormalities of the lacrimal (tear) system, eyelids, the adjacent face and orbit (bony socket). An Oculoplastic Surgeon is a professional doctor who is supposed to have a residency training in Ophthalmology along with a super-specialized fellowship training in the field of Oculoplastic Surgery. In other words, he or she is an Ophthalmologist who has finished with the extra advanced training in world of plastic surgery which is related to the eyes, face and other surrounding structures.

The term plastic is said to be derived from a Greek term ‘plastos’ which means to mould or to give shape. Plastic surgery is a surgery that will mould or reconstruct and modify specific regions of an individual’s body. Oculoplastic operation is also said to be a kind of plastic surgery as it relates to the region surrounding the eye. The eyelids as well as the areas that surround them are incredibly complex and delicate and it is very important for the purpose of conservation of sight and at the same time form a very important part of the regular facial look. Since surgery in this area can impact the patient’s capability to see or can disorient and alter the association of the eyelids with the eyes, an Oculoplastic Surgeon should be highly skilled to perform this delicate surgery and supply care that eye requires.

An Oculoplastic surgeon can treat and repair droopy eyelids (ptosis surgery), orbital fractures, tear duct obstructions and watering eyes (lacrimal surgery), tumors in and around the eyes, reconstruct the eyelid (post eyelid epidermis cancers), and facial restoration procedures which includes laser skin resurfacing, eye lifts (blepharoplasty), botox for eyelid conditions like blepharospasm, facelifts, as well as brow lifts.

Apart from this, the eyes serve as one of the main features of the face while the flooring of the orbit is a fundamental component of the mid-face. Oculoplastic and oculo-facial plastic surgeons are specially trained to treat the cosmetic and reconstructive issues of the face. Oculoplastic surgeons are sometimes referred to as craftsmen who give a new life to one’s eyes. Eyes are the main features of attraction of one’s face. One needs to take proper care of them, not only for looking stunning but also for a healthy vision.

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