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Your Best Skin and Easy Beauty Routine with the Latest in Korean Skincare and Makeup

Author: Erveen Ian Dychangco
by Erveen Ian Dychangco
Posted: Oct 09, 2018
korean beauty

Korean cosmetics and Skin Care. are always changing and developing. You think you have finally gotten on the trend bandwagon only to find out that there are a new slew of Korean Beauty Productsto hit the market. It may be hard to keep up but their beauty game is the same in principle no matter what they release—Korean skincare is top priority. Here are some of the latest trends and what you can try:

  1. Skincare everywhere

We are accustomed to doing our skincare before leaving the house and only bringing makeup to retouch throughout the day. These days, portable skincare is all the rage. And that means much more than just keeping your pimple zapping cream in your bag. Now there’s facial mists—some in compact form!—toning sticks, and SPF cushions. Some of our favorites are sunscreen sticks! Goodbye, sticky fingers. Hello, sun protection 24/7!

  1. Mask everything

We are sure that you have already gotten into sheet masks by now. The next is masking pretty much everything and anything! Got a big evening event? Do not forget to put on a lip mask to keep your lips supple and moisturised even if you plan to wear the most matte liquid lipstick there is. Wish you could multitask? There are now sheet masks you can wear while you sleep, exercise, or while you are in the bathtub. It is so loved that it is out of stock in the leading Korean beauty e-commerce site in the US. In case you want to check it out, it is Eco Your Skin’s Face Blanket Mask.

  1. Peel it off

When it comes to makeup, staying power is the Korean game. Enter peel off eyebrow tints. These products have shortened morning primp times for most women because you do not have to start from scratch when you are applying your makeup. A tint that lasts for days simplifies your beauty routine. Now there are peel-off tints for lips! Koreans love lip tints for that natural look and The Saem’s Saemmul Wrapping Tint will give you that long lasting vivid lip color without having to constantly retouch or reapply your makeup. This combo is perfect for #iwokeuplikethis, is it not?

  1. Hardcore results

Alicia Yoon, the founder of Peach & Lily and Peach Slices, predicted that Korean products that "provide intensive and powerful experience that one might only previously have gotten during a treatment at the dermatologist’s office" will be huge. And 2018 has shown us that it has been. No longer do we need to constantly book an appointment if we want to undergo chemical peels, many Korean beauty products can provide this in the comforts of your home. Many are also buying handheld devices that can be used at home. If you want to get on this trend, we suggest starting with a gentle fruit acid based peel or a cleansing device.

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Author: Erveen Ian Dychangco
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