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Sewing Machine Bobbins: Various Styles And Uses

Author: Gtn Sewing
by Gtn Sewing
Posted: Sep 07, 2018

Sewing machine bobbin questions are a regular and hot topic around sewing machine stores. Some of the most common questions with answers are mentioned below.

How Many Bobbins Do You Really Need?

According to a survey, "Between 20 – 30 sewing machine bobbins needed for each machine." This is because people buy or have different brands of machines like some SEW on Bernina sewing machines while EMBROIDER on a Husqvarna Viking machine.

Why Buy A Pack Of Bobbins Every Time You Visit A Sewing Machine Store?

Keep in mind that most sewing machines come with 3 or 5 bobbins when buying them and they are enough bobbins when you are just starting out. But, maybe you need to buy a few bobbins within a few days. So, keep purchasing sewing machine bobbins each time you visit a store. You finally will have enough bobbins.

Can Plastic Bobbins Bulge If Filled With Too Tightly?

Keep in mind that filling a sewing machine bobbin too tightly can definitely make a plastic bobbin bulge. You will not face any issue but the bobbin ends up too tall for the machine and will cause a terrible mess in the bobbin area. Sewing Machines are set for a very precise tension setting and the tension will change if a weightier metal bobbin is utilized.

When an Brother industrial sewing machine mechanic opens your machine and sees a variety of bobbin types mixed together as well as none of them is the right bobbin for the machine, then this is a guaranteed way to make them cringe. So, this is a big NO. Only because bobbins came with the machine when you got it second hand, doesn’t mean that last person was using correct bobbins. So, double check with your local sewing machine to know which bobbins are right for your sewing machine.

At present, there are more than 30 different bobbin styles that are used with sewing machines. The bobbin's style is also known as the size of the bobbin. Every sewing machine is designed to be used with a particular style of the bobbin. You know how bobbins aid in sewing, but maybe don't know their various styles and uses. A few most common bobbin styles used for industrial sewing are mentioned below.

Style U & Style M

They are slightly smaller in diameter than the Style 58 bobbin. The Style U bobbins are commonly used for sewing tarps, tie downs and nets in both industrial and heavy-duty commercial sewing. Style M bobbins are commonly used for sewing canvas, leather, upholstery and heavy fabric with mid-large sized commercial plus industrial sewing machines.

Style G & Style A

Style A Industrial Machine Bobbins are usually used in small-medium sized industrial sewing machines while Style A bobbins have different uses including garment sewing and embroidery with residential, commercial and industrial machines.

Style 41

The most common pre-wound sewing machine bobbins and used in Class 7 sewing machines and the most popular end use for Style 41 bobbins is sewing synthetic web slings as well as tie downs.

Style 58

These style bobbins are usually used to sew tarps, canvas, and covers.

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